The 4 Biggest Challenges of Moving Your Restaurant Business Online

The corona pandemic has changed the global business scene in so many ways. Lockdown prevented people from gathering in crowded places bringing several industries to a near stand-still. 

The restaurant business, however, managed to dodge the bullet. To keep going in such hard times, restaurants had no choice but to up their game, bring food right to their customers’ doorstep, all at a click of a button. Online migration was the only way out. 

That said, shifting your restaurant business to an online model comes with challenges that go far beyond restaurant delivery services. 

Below is a list of the four biggest challenges that make selling on the Internet difficult for restaurants.


The most obvious challenge starts with your restaurant delivery services. Customers opting for online food delivery expect their orders to arrive intact and perfectly sealed. No customer wants leaky soup, crushed fries, or smashed dough. This is why it is challenging to find a food container that is right in size, material, and cap tightness. 

Curbside pick-up is another challenge, for many customers prefer to pick up their orders rather than have them delivered. This requires many restaurant food delivery services to include a curbside pick-up option. 

The correlation between quality and safety has never been more true than in recent months. While on-site guests expect clean and tasty meals, online customers expect the same as well, in addition to the best food delivery service. 


With increasing online food delivery, restaurant delivery services may need assistance from a third-party to help cover wider geographical areas. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to such a partnership. 

Not all delivery service providers are reliable. Delays and unprofessional handling of orders may happen, and there is nothing worse than a restaurant known for poor food delivery services.  

That is why, Taker is providing many reliable delivery partners to help restaurants expand and increase their order while making sure that the value delivered is of top quality. 


It is the technology that saved restaurant businesses from shutting their doors permanently. So when it comes to online food delivery, investing in a technological solution is worth the expense. 

A POS system helps restaurant delivery services attain accurate ordering and safe registering of customer data (i.e., personal and payment information). The data generated through technology is used to improve the overall customer experience, including a restaurant’s food delivery services. 

Restaurants aiming at offering the best food delivery service will have to implement several technological solutions. This may be a challenge in itself, but a solution to a far greater problem.


The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. It is where food is prepared, cooked, and plated. If it falls out of rhythm, the cause often is little time and fewer employees. Online food delivery pressures restaurants to increase labor productivity. Unless a restaurant hires more employees, the larger numbers of orders coming in will face delays. Whether a restaurant assigns its food delivery services to a separate line or the same staff, there is no way except for expanding the team.