6 Steps to Running a Profitable Takeout System During Covid-19

Delivery and takeout system programs have gained more popularity lately. With Covid-19 lockdown affecting restaurants, they became more of a necessity. 

A recent study has found that due to Covid-19, 62% of food sellers have integrated a takeout option, and 40% of consumers prefer takeout over on-site dining. This is proof enough that delivery and takeout system programs are expected to continue long after the pandemic is over. 

With more demand on takeout and delivery, competition is inevitable. Here are six steps to boost your profit through a takeout service and food delivery system.

 Offer Family-Sized Meals 

To maximize your takeout profit, feed the whole family. Upgrade your restaurant’s menu to include deals on family-sized meals. Family deals that serve 8+ people are time and hassle-savers. Your restaurant will become a convenient option among big families, and with an efficient takeout and food delivery system, most likely it will be their favorite.

Cut Down Your Cutlery

When you cut down your cutlery, you will cut down costs, and even better, invest in the necessities. Surveys say that most customers find plastic cutlery useless. This doesn’t mean you remove it altogether. Involve your customers in making the decision and ask for their permission to have them removed. A good idea is to have your food delivery management system include cutlery “add” and “remove” buttons. 

Maintain Food Safety

Food safety, cleanliness, and hygiene have never been more crucial. Keep your restaurant’s hygiene in check, and make sure your food delivery system applies the best hygiene practices. Your takeout system should run under hygienic conditions as well. Aside from proper cooking, clean, and disposable packing, masks should always be worn by employees and even customers dropping by for their takeout. Hand sanitizers should be available to all, and your food delivery management system should clearly list Covid-19 safety measures. 

Hit the Digital World

Now that most businesses have gone digital, a digitized takeout and food delivery system shall maximize your profit. A website or app with a food delivery management system providing a “pre-order” feature is always a hit. Customers can place an order online then pick it up once it’s ready. If a customer is tight on time, choosing the “delivery” feature on your food delivery management system comes in handy.  

Give Out Gifts 

Everyone loves gifts, and loyal customers deserve the gesture than most. A gift doesn’t have to be a free meal. Consider giveaway ideas that are non-food-related. They come as a nice surprise. And if you feel like playing it safe with a food gift, coupons and discount vouchers are always a good idea. Also, limited-time-gifts to non-repeat customers are a smart investment that will help you gain new loyal customers. 

Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are the perfect way to reach people at all times. 3.8 million people use social media for an average of two hours a day. With minimal marketing, you can promote your food delivery system and how it saves potential customers time and effort through doorstep delivery and takeout options. Considering digitizing your restaurant business? Check out Taker