Advanced Features Designed for Growth

Embrace the new era of advanced technologies to stay ahead of other food providers.

Admin Dashboard

Taker Admin Dashboard

Menu Management

For each branch, you can modify the menu items and its options along with their prices according to your business strategy.

Delivery Zones

Link each branch with the zones it delivers to and define delivery fees as well as minimum order for each zone.

Working Hours

Define when you open and close for each branch to make sure you don't get orders out of working hours.


Get notifications on your dashboard about every new order; to keep track of your orders and improve your services.

Advanced Analytics

Know your business and your customers in order to make informed decisions that lead to business growth.

Orders Types

Save customers time by choosing the order type, delivery, pickup or pre-order.

Marketing Tools

Attract your customers and increase the sales through Promocodes and the Loyalty program.

Custom Domain

Get your own domain to run your website so customers can easily reach you.


You can define the currency that you use right from the dashboard.

Customer App

Taker Customer App

Professional UX

Easy and fun to use app to make your customers ordering experience pleasant.

One-time Password

All your customers need to order is their mobile number to verify through the OTP.

Bidirectional Communication

Send app notifications, SMS and emails to customers and receive their enquiries.

Track Orders

No more guessing, your customers can be engaged and updated about the order till it's delivered.


Automatically, the app gets the location to send the order to the right branch to deliver.


Whomever your customer and whatever they speak, it's all there.


Whole ecosystem connected to fulfill the business needs.

Delivery Management

Cloud-based POS

SMS Gateway

Google maps and analytics

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