QR Codes for Restaurants; 5 Ways to Engage Your Customers

Restaurants around the world have been struggling with reopening amid the Covid-19 pandemic. With finding ways to bring life back to normal while maintaining hygienic measures, QR codes for restaurants have become an alternative to physical menus.

A restaurant technology relying on QR codes is the perfect way to reduce contact between customers and employees, and consequently, the spread of germs and viruses. It simply works by scanning a code through your personal device that instantly gets the menu displayed.

Even in non-Covid-19 times, QR codes for restaurants save employees the hassle of reprinting physical menus every time there’s an update or a specialty menu which allows for more flexibility and fewer costs. 

Here are five ways to engage your customers in QR codes.

  1. Menus

A QR code replaces a physical menu and eliminates its use altogether during the time of Covid-19. When we are past the pandemic, there will be no urgency in using a QR code on a menu; however, adding one at the top is smart restaurant technology that allows customers to view your dishes in their preferred method. 

  1. Stickers

Having QR codes for restaurants printed on stickers is an efficient and less expensive marketing tool. The sticker with your QR code may be customized and stuck on menus, takeaway packaging, tabletops, and windows. Have a look around your restaurant, and you’ll find your QR code could be displayed on many parts of it.

  1. Posters

Apart from the aesthetics of posters, having QR codes displayed on them is a cheap and easy-to-prepare restaurant technology. The more eye-catching the poster is, and the larger the QR code is, the easier it becomes for customers to notice and scan.

  1. Flyers & Business Cards

The cheaper alternative to posters is flyers. Imagine trying to fit your entire menu on a small flyer? The print would be too small to read. Instead, focus on the flyer design, and let potential customers view the menu through a QR code. 

Business cards displaying QR codes for restaurants are excellent in networking and directing people to your website, menu, and social media rather than having to look them up. 

  1.  Tabletop Stands & Inserts

Both will display your QR code right in front of your customers with no intrusion or distraction. They may also be placed at the register or the hostess table. Besides, their free-standing nature allows customers to scan the code without picking it up.  Plus, it is easy to get the plastic insert holder cleaned between customers. 

QR ordering is the new online ordering system

Restaurant technology has undergone many upgrades recently, one of which is an online ordering system supporting QR ordering. A customer scans the QR code, browses the menu, selects the items, sends the order, and pays online. This QR online ordering system is perfect for busy restaurants and fast-food places with long queues. To update your restaurant technology, check out Taker.