How Delivery Helps Restaurant Chains Grow

Many restaurants finally took a step that should have been taken a few years ago. Their reluctance was overcome by the sudden need to expand their food delivery system due to the Corona pandemic. Hence, third-party delivery came on the scene.

Some of the biggest restaurant chains were skeptical about the move – even knowing it was going to happen eventually, but seeing smaller chains embracing a third-party delivery in their food delivery management system – at first, everyone was observing from afar.

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

A real-life example, among many restaurants, is Carrols. Before Carrols launched its third-party food delivery system, the average check was $9 to $10. Now, the average check on delivery orders is $17. 

Another example is Del Taco. The current sales of its third-party food delivery system represent 6.3% of the chain’s overall sales compared to 2.2% the year before.

The Trend Will Continue

Many restaurant executives – during the Investor Conference in the USA – said that a third-party food delivery system had been vital for increasing their sales during the pandemic. They added that food delivery services has become necessary and that the trend is expected to permanently continue in the future as it leads to effective sales.  

The Challenges 

Growing any business has its challenges. With restaurant chains, the associated fees and commissions coming with a third-party ordering and food delivery system cost restaurants 30% per order. To help overcome this problem many restaurants choose to make use of the delivery systems through their own online ordering channels such as restaurant websites and apps. 

Pick-up & Takeaway Channels

For many restaurants, a third-party food delivery system remains among the lower-margin channels with pick-up and take away channels being the lowest in cost. This is why you find many restaurant chains playing both sides which in turn require a reliable online takeaway ordering system and a solid third-party food delivery system. 

Building and growing your own online takeaway ordering system is more difficult to do but is profitable in the long run. As you launch an online takeaway ordering system, you allow customers the opportunity to choose between food delivery and pick-up and takeaway options, thus reducing the pressure on your food delivery system.

The New Customers

One of the benefits of the online takeaway ordering system and the third-party food delivery system is bringing people into your brand and keeping them coming back. Data shows that – before the pandemic- 90% of first-time customers who had been offered a free delivery promotion ordered again.

Some restaurant chains find free-delivery to be worth it only for high-value orders. Many of those set a minimum purchase amount. This way, the free delivery expense is partially covered. 

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