Taker curbside pickup

Taker Launches Curbside Pickup to Help Restaurants & Coffee Shops Provide Contactless Delivery

The concept of “In-store Pickup” has been around for a while. Embraced mostly by e-commerce businesses to encourage online shoppers to visit their stores, this click-and-collect purchase option seemed to have been the perfect win-win situation.   

Yet, with the coronavirus pandemic on the rise, a more contactless pickup solution became in demand, and here’s when “Curbside Pickup” has come to the rescue.

Just as is the case with in-store pickup, curbside pickup involves making a purchase online, but instead of entering the store to pick-up the purchase, the customer picks it up without stepping out of their car.

Utilizing on Curbside Pickup for Taker Clients

Knowing that an efficient curbside pickup is vital to restaurant & coffee shops success – especially under the current circumstance – Taker has launched the new feature to support new ways of safe transactions between restaurants & coffee shops and their customers.

 The feature is created to promote social distancing and minimize the contact with restaurant staff.

This happens through:

  • Online placement of orders to reduce crowds in restaurants and coffee shops premises.
  • Curbside pickup of orders to reduce person-to-person contact.

How does Taker Curbside Pickup work?

Taker Curbside Pickup service is available on the application and website of the restaurant or coffee shop.

Here’s an overview of what a Taker Curbside Pickup experience may look like for restaurants & coffee shops:

  1. Customers log into the website or application, then place an order and select adequate payment method.
  2. For a delivery method, customers select “Curbside Pickup”.
  3. Customers choose a convenient curbside pickup point (from a provided list of locations).
  4. Once the order is confirmed, the staff gets notified to have time to prepare the order. 
  5. When the customer arrives at the curbside pickup point, a notification is sent to the staff to deliver the order.
  6. A restaurant employee hands off the order to the customer while adhering to physical distancing measures, as the customer remains in their car.

Who benefits from Taker Curbside Pickup feature?

According to Technomic’s 2020 Delivery and Takeout Consumer Trend Report, 66% of consumers anticipate continuing to use curbside pickups even after dine-in services resume.

So, if the Curbside Pickup feature makes the ordering experiences easy for customers, restaurants & coffee shops are to widely benefit from the trend.

This is how they can use the Taker Curbside Pickup feature to build customer loyalty:

  • Keeping customers as well as restaurant staff safe.
  • Less spread of germs even after the pandemic is over.
  • Ensuring order accuracy by tracking order details.
  • Catering to on-the-go-customers.
  • Getting food out faster and eliminating waiting time for customers.
  • Fewer crowds in restaurants and more orders out.

Taker is at the forefront of revolutionizing the online Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, a category that is rapidly developing and is worth billions of dollars globally. It is the most advanced management platform for restaurants of any size who want to open their online branch and scale up customer orders. The innovative services that Taker provides include taking everything related to creating a website and mobile application for restaurants.

Restaurants & coffee shops that sign up with Taker can get their own branded ordering channels almost instantly. Furthermore, Taker also integrates its system with the restaurant POS systems and payment gateways and any additional add-on services. These significant features play a major role to improve efficiency, streamline the internal operations inside the kitchen and manage the increased volume of orders.