7 Benefits of Curbside Pickup for Restaurants

Curbside pickup for restaurants is not a new concept. When you think of it, it is a kind of variation of BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store). However, with the rise of the pandemic, customers opted for collecting orders from curbsides, for even entering a closed area like a restaurant for a few minutes may pose a Covid threat.

Below are seven benefits of curbside pickup for restaurants and why it is the right thing to do.

1. Reduced delivery costs

A win-win situation where customers don’t have to pay a full-delivery fee- if not any- and where your restaurant lowers/cancels its delivery fee, increases its profit and offers more discounts for promotional purposes. You may even give an extra 10% discount for customers who go for your curbside pickup service.

2. Increased overall sales

Curbside pickup for restaurants shows an average growth of 23% in sales! With such an increase in overall sales, restaurant chains will inevitably grow as well. Even with a small percent of your customers favoring curbside pickup, the trend is guaranteed to be taken up by many more in the future.    

3. Easier for customers

Curbside pickup service allows customers to order what they want, when they want it, and how they wish to get it. Customers are in charge of the process as they drop by the curbside within a set timeframe to collect their orders themselves. The easier curbside pickup for restaurants is, the more likely customers will keep coming back.

4. Strengthened brand image

Adopting a curbside pickup option means your restaurant brand image is being customer-centric. It means your brand caters to its customers’ needs in terms of what they want and the way they want to collect it. With curbside pickup for restaurants, customers have more options and flexibility.

5. More flexible for customers

Flexibility is important to many customers. Imagine many of your customers live in apartments or super busy areas where doorstep deliveries can be much of a hassle. Curbside pickup for restaurants offers customers flexibility that could improve their customer experience. You may still apply the rules, policies, and standards that hold your restaurant business together, yet still, be flexible.

6. Up-to-dateness

The restaurant business is gaining momentum, especially with lockdown lifting. You’ll find that curbside pickup for restaurants is being adopted by many of your competitors. Whatever you do, you don’t want your restaurant to fail at adapting to the latest trends in the business. If you lag, you may, unfortunately, lose customers especially the younger segment.

7. Boosted customer loyalty

Even though customers like to often try new diners, still a satisfying customer experience is reason enough to bring back a loyal customer to your restaurant. Show flexibility and make your dining, takeout, and curbside pickup a positive experience, then you’ll become a winner. Check out Taker for an online ordering system with a curbside pickup feature.