How to Win With Curbside Pickup for Restaurants in Two Steps

In the near past, customers had the luxury to wander around picking the restaurant of their choice. They would get into a restaurant and order whatever they like, no rush, nothing to worry about. Now that Covid has forced us into social distancing, customers want to get their food with minimal contact. Hence, curbside pickup for restaurants.  

Below we discuss two ways to win customer experience with curbside pickup.

Why go for curbside pickup?

The current health situation forces restaurant owners to adapt in terms of serving customers to the full and keeping their businesses running. Curbside pickup for restaurants is a feature that has been adopted by a growing number of restaurant owners. All that a customer has to do is place an order online- through a website or application (check out Taker ) – and pick it up while staying safe in their vehicle.

A study shows that online ordering and curbside pickup for restaurants have grown an 87% over a year. It is believed that the trend will last long even after the pandemic has retreated. A positive customer experience still matters, however, even though curbside pickup is a win-win situation.

How to focus on customer experience?

Although many businesses are merely trying to survive, customer experience is crucial when it comes to curbside pickup for restaurants.

1. Keep things normal

In times of uncertainty, the best thing a restaurant business can do is to maintain normalcy. Surely, things have changed, but if you’re known for your fast service, for instance, keep it up no matter what the challenges are. Curbside pickup for restaurants- though relatively new to some customers- is an option that could benefit from your fast service. Everyone will be happy. Your customers will feel nothing has changed, and the only change you did was for the best which is for your customers to pick up the food themselves.

As you maintain normalcy, make sure you’re flexible enough to adapt to changes. Just like any in-house staff, employees responsible for curbside pickup for restaurants should adhere to all the precautionary and hygiene measures.   

2. Strategize logistics

The logistical undertaking of curbside pickup for restaurants is massive. Many restaurants are experienced in the process, but many others are fairly new to it. To create a consistent logistical experience, customers should know how to order and what to do to pick up their order. Always make sure there is clear communication after the order is placed and good signage at the pickup spot. Also, be realistic when it comes to order preparation time, especially with stricter safety. If an order will take longer, let the customer know rather than wait.

To conclude, curbside pickup for restaurants isn’t a big deal only if you’re aware of worldwide changes and customer priorities.