10 Restaurant Business Predictions for 2021

Last year proved to be the most unpredictable in the history of restaurant business. As for 2021, one cannot really tell how events will unfold. What we can do, for the time being, is keep a close eye on restaurant technology, finance, operations, and sales and see how they’ll turn out in the next few months. 

Below are some restaurant business predictions for 2021 as stated by restaurantbusinessonline.com

  1. Curbside pickups will compete against takeout. Although the curbside pickup concept is already big, it will evolve more, and we’ll see more curbside pickup tweaks thanks to the latest developments in restaurant technology. 
  2. Industry consolidation will pick up speed and major deals involving large restaurant chains will take place; fast food restaurant chains included.
  3. The 20% decline in 2020 compared to the year before is an indicator that the restaurant business will be better in 2021. 
  4. Entertainment while dining out will be in high demand. Customers will have been used to eating at the comfort of their home in front of the T.V. for months and months. Restaurants will have to compete with that.
  5. Online menus will continue to play a major role in online ordering, takeout, and delivery.
  6. Chefs and menu developers will get back with new dine-in appropriate recipes rather than the recipes that worked out well for delivery and takeout packaging. 
  7. Many small independent neighborhood restaurants struggled to run a smooth online ordering system due to restaurant technology limitations. In 2021, customers are expected to support their favorite restaurants, especially when lockdown restrictions are removed. 
  8. Surprisingly, online ordering may witness a slowdown at some point. This is because the demand to dine-out will rise. When restrictions lift, people will return to restaurants, and online ordering will decline – at least temporarily. 
  9. Google will become a key online ordering channel – at least for first-time digital customers who will likely find it the first place to go to search for a restaurant. However, with restaurant technology made simpler through many rising websites and applications, customers of all digital skills will find online ordering easier than expected. 
  10. Independent restaurants will need to rely more on restaurant technology to go back to full capacity. Dine-in traffic will not sustain them. Online ordering and solid takeout and delivery programs will continue to be key to their future success. These along with offering creative experiences like virtual cooking classes and the like. 

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