Taker Localization Services & More

Taker is an online ordering management platform pioneering the future of the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Established in 2019, Taker offers the most advanced and powerful technology, allowing F&B businesses of any size to effortlessly manage the entire online ordering process in one single place.

Taker is going global!

Depending on where you are, you can now localize your service:  Select your Default Country, Time zone and currency

New Order Type: Curbside Pickup

For public health safety and convenience, you can let customers order through your app and request the order to be delivered to their cars once they arrive at the branch.

New notification: Now you will be notified once customers arrived at the branch with a very distinct sound

Please contact Taker Support to activate curbside.

Free delivery when customers order over a certain amount.

Reward your highest spending customers with free delivery offer. You can adjust the amount for fixed fee or per delivery area in the Branch setting. 

Set limit on cash payment

You can allow your customers to pay in cash up to a certain amount. This balances the need for a convenient payment method and reducing the risk of accepting cash payment. You can configure the cash limit from payment options in the Branch setting

Default modifiers option

This is a new tool to help you configure your menu as you require. With Default modifier options you can pre-select which of the options should be already selected. Thus, they will be added to the item if customers did not edit them.

For example, you can now pre-select a bread type as default option but your customers will be able to change that. Also, you can select what is included in the item by default, like tomato, lettuce and cheese. Still your customers can inform you which one of them is not wanted.

Customers Report

We have updated the Customers Report to show more relevant information about your customers. Check the new report in Report section in Taker Dashboard. 


TakerGo configurations 

You can now configure your preferred delivery service providers, set the waiting time to get a response from them  and choose which DSP to contact first. Please check the article for more details about TakerGo configuration.

No driver found notification

Taker now will notify you with a new notification sound if no driver was found. Thus, you can make necessary steps.

We have added our new partner Alshrouq Express

You can now activate Alshourq and start sending them your delivery request from TakerGo congfierion.  

We have added our new delivery partner: Swift

You can now activate Swift and start sending them your delivery request from TakerGo congfierion.  

Foodics F5 integration 

  • Multiple fixes and general stability improvements
  • Promocode support in Foodics
  • Default modifiers options support