Introducing Subscriptions Management & More – July 2019

We’re so excited to announce the features we’ve worked on this month which will help you save time while using Taker. Here is what’s new:

Introducing Subscriptions Management

If your business model has food subscriptions where you prepare your customers meals everyday, then this add-on will be your thing. You can read more about it here.

Hiding the Category

If the category has no items or all items are disabled, then it’ll not be shown on the customer product listing page.

Customer Profile Info

We’ve added more info to collect about your customers like date of birth, gender. 

Request Online Payment Via SMS

If you’re creating the order from the admin panel, you can request the customer to pay online by checking the Online Payment box. Then the customer will receive an SMS containing a link to pay the amount online.

To configure that, go to Settings -> Waitlist Notifications

Exporting Reports

Now you can easily exports all of your reports to excel so you can make use of them more. To do that, go to any report and click on Export button. 


We’ve done great improvements in the integration with Foodics to help make it smoother. Now you can fully sync your menu and branches in a matter of a click. Of course if you have changes later, you can re-sync easily. Also, you can revert if you think you want to remove the synced info, again, in a matter of a button.


As an admin, you can know who created the reservation, either a staff member or the your customer. Also, the sorting now happens from newest to oldest. 

Waitlist Notification

Now you can configure how you want to receive the waitlist notifications. You can choose which status to notify you.