Non-taxable Modifiers & More

What’s new in Taker?

Now for your convenience, you may download the orders from Taker in an excel sheet for further processing. it will include all the info you need, for instance, Order ID, creation time, order status, and delivery fees, order amount, and many more

With Taker you can determine the privilege and permission to your admins and store managers. as per the image below 

Menu set works on the mobile app. Admin can set different menu set for different working hours

Great New Feature 

Non-taxable Modifiers 

In some cases, you may have huge orders for a ceremony or special occasion that requires depositing a cash amount ( non-taxable ) that could be returned after returning the restaurant’s belonging ( plates, forks, etc ). so you may add it here

Out of stock feature for the items

Now a restaurant can show items which are out of stock in the menu. Items have a new toggle in Items table.

If it’s ON >> this item is in stock and available for ordering.
if it’s OFF >>  this item will have ( Out of Stock banner) on the item page on the website, mobile app, kiosk app. Out of stock items are not available for ordering and will not be shown in cross-selling offers. 

Out of stock status can be changed on the Staff app on the branch level.

Default sorting is added for items, modifiers and options, sizes, exclusions. So if admin does not set up sorting, these units will still have fixed positions in the menu listing.

Added new control for the color control for map buttons and pin, if not fille they will be dark grey (#212121)