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How to Create A Great Online Food Delivery Experience For Your Customers?

Nowadays, restaurants are exploring the online food delivery segment in their operations. It is found out that it adds to their sales by around 10% up to 70%. This increase in sales depends on the restaurant location and its menu offering. It becomes a challenge to each restaurant on how they can still satisfy the needs of their customers. Considering that a food delivery service has a limited personal touch compared to other segments.

For a more detailed discussion in increasing your sales, please read this post.

Restaurant owners and managers like you are worried and even stressed out thinking about different ways to give a great online food delivery experience for your customers.

Don’t worry anymore because in this post we will give you the ways to create your own great online food delivery experience for your customers in order that they will repeat doing business with you.

Great News Right? Then let’s continue!

Piper Jaffray projected that $200 billion — one quarter of all restaurant industry sales — will shift to digital ordering and delivery over the next five years.”  QSR Web, 2018

Online Food Delivery Experience, What’s In The Box?

Before telling you about creating a great online food delivery experience with your customers. Let’s first take a look at what’s an online food delivery experience is for your customers. For a brief moment, we will be walking in the shoes of your customers. Let’s imagine that you’re the delivery customer of your own restaurant and answer the following questions:

  • What do you expect from the online food delivery system being used by the restaurant?
  • How many minutes do you need to wait for your orders?
  • How do you define food quality?
  • What’s your expectation on the delivery personnel giving you your orders?

Take around 5 minutes in answering those questions first before we continue.

Enjoy answering!

Afterward, you’ll compare your answers with the tips that we will provide.

Congratulations! you’re ready now to know the 4 ways of creating a great online food delivery experience for your customers. As you continue to read this post put your notes to your side.

1. Your Delivery App Matters

Yes, you read it right it is like your saying, first impression lasts in here. Your customers want a user-friendly, easy to navigate and all in delivery ordering system from your restaurant. They don’t want to keep skipping on your system for the menu they wanted to order. Who would want this kind of online delivery ordering system? Of course, No one deserves this kind of online food delivery system.

Your customer’s impression of your online food delivery ordering system is an impression of your brand not on its developer. Remember to keep this in mind and choose the best food delivery ordering system for your restaurant. Your food delivery ordering system should be simple and contain all the necessary information your customers will need such as the following:

  • Your Menu
  • Menu Description
  • Branch Location
  • Price
  • Special Offerings
  • Delivery Time

Choosing correctly your online food delivery ordering system helps in your restaurant branding.

2. Leveraging Your Customer Value Thru Fast Delivery Time

Here’s the point for this item in creating a great food delivery experience for your customers. Your customers order their food from your restaurant because they’re busy at home. This is because of social affairs, celebrations, not feeling like going out or just like chilling out at home. And they need their food to be delivered as fast as possible.

Your customers hate to wait long hours and when your delivery arrived they already lost their appetite. This is a big NO and a criminal act in the restaurant industry.

if they need to wait for some time, because of the food preparation concerns or its a peak hour in your restaurant. Make a way to inform them how many MINUTES that they should wait and not HOURS.

3. Put Quality On Your Process

Another key to creating a great online food delivery experience to your customers is checking on their food quality. It’s your way of saying thank you to your customers. It also lets them know that you’re looking after the quality of their food.

Inspect and make sure that hot foods are delivered hot as well as cold ones to your customers. Check first all the orders that they are complete and in good quality before delivery. This is critical because any deterioration of the food might lead to food poisoning. Also, make sure that the food is sealed well and all the needed condiments are also included in the packaging.

Don’t compromise quality over speed.

Don’t deliver mixed or incomplete orders.

AIMING them both is a great online food delivery experience for your customers!

4. Putting A Human Touch, Your Delivery Personnel Is Your Key

Train your delivery personnel well on the proper communication and the practices of good hygiene.

Remember that, in an online food delivery, the only human interaction between you and your customers is your delivery personnel. Your delivery personnel must smile, greet and with enthusiasm when delivering your customer’s food. He must respond gracefully to all the questions of your customers and be able to leave a positive delivery experience.

Your delivery personnel is not only there to deliver the order to your customers, but at the same time is a salesman and brand ambassador of your restaurant.

Here you go folks, we already discussed with you ways how you can create a great online food delivery experience that makes your customers happy.

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