Geofencing Updates & More – September 2019

We’re bringing you new cool features and improvements in the August release. We believe that you’re going to enjoy them very much. Here is what we’ve done: 

Areas with Geofencing 

Previously you only were able to add your delivery area based on Google Maps areas which have some limitations. Now you can add your custom areas with your own geofencing. 

User Profile Points

If you have Loyalty Points enabled, now you can manually add points to the user straight from his profile. 

Item Sales Report Filtering

We’ve added a Category filter to help you get to the item sales quickly. 

Improvements on the Subscription Management

We’ve introduced a few improvements to the subscription add-on which are going to help you manage them. Here is what’s new:

  • Delivery/Pickup Time: now your customers can select the time to get their food daily.
  • Deactivated Status: if subscription ends, it goes deactivated.
  • Next Status column: on the subscription list, we’ve added this column to tell you when the subscription status is going to change and to which status. 
  • Orders Details Export: in the Subscription Orders tab, you can export all of todays orders in Excel and PDF with the details of the items to be prepared. 
  • Subscription Orders Export: this feature is to export customers invoices with everyday subscription.


What we’ve done with the Waitlist add-on is that the customers now can view their reservations on their account. Also, the branch staff member can now view and manage his branch’s waitlist only.