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Restaurant Technology: A 5-Point Checklist for Your Business

Imagine your customers who keep coming back to your restaurant not only because of your awesome menu but also because, they look forward to experiencing your latest restaurant technology. Imagine your customers are comfortable placing their orders through a modern ordering kiosk.

Sounds great, does it?

Compared to your traditional operations where customers line up to your restaurant counter to place orders. While waiting, they may get bored and may have nothing to do before their orders are delivered.

Did you know that this traditional approach in your restaurant has the potential to be evaluated and improve? Since technology is now being adopted by a lot of restaurants,  it helps to consider revisiting your system with the intention of updating them and adapting a modern approach for more efficient systems.

Below are 5 factors worth considering before adopting the latest technology in your restaurant operations.

Improve Brand Awareness

Branding is important in your restaurant and the more cutting-edge your restaurant technology is, the better. Why? It’s what sets you apart from your competitors. Letting your customers experience top-notch service by using state of the art technology will help you become a top choice for customers who are delighted by the level of service offered at your restaurant.

With the advancement of technology, don’t let your restaurant get far behind. The future of improving brand awareness is no longer be limited to marketing your brand to users through published web content and digital marketing campaigns.

With the development of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and conversational interfaces,  the trend will continuously evolve.

Restaurant technology improves your brand by giving you reach and leads beyond your markets. You can use it to leverage your presence and make your customers want you.

Provide Great Dining Experience

Customers enter your restaurant with one ultimate goal- that’s to feast! Customers are hungry, exhausted, and they need refreshments. The best you can do is provide a great dining experience for them.

In a nutshell, a great dining experience means that the overall experience of your customers while eating in your restaurant is great. You can measure your success by how your customers are able to enjoy your spot, the menu, and last but not least, the service.

By using restaurant technology, you’re able to let them enjoy a great dining experience. For example, instead of letting them fall in line and manually take their orders – you can choose to have a kiosk-type of ordering machine in your restaurant.

You can also use an interactive and user-friendly menu. Another way is to use waitlists technology for your table management. Taker has the technology to help you with this.

Remember that a great dining experience promotes repeat business and customer loyalty. And you know what repeat business means right? More sales for you!

Faster Service Delivery

Hungry customers will expect prompt and fast service from you. Attention span becomes shorter – from the moment customers enter your restaurant until their food is served. Restaurant technology – like a bump system technology, can help you with achieving this.

What’s a bump system technology? This is a technology where your customers are assigned an order number after their orders are taken. It will then help the kitchen staff manage the fulfillment of orders (like preparing the order of customer #1 before preparing customer #2’s) through the order numbering system.

Your kitchen personnel can see the order numbers arranged on a first in, first out system in their monitors. So, the monitors are distributed on the different kitchen stations where the menu is prepared. A central monitor usually located at your dispatching area is the one that consolidates the orders. When a certain order is already late the order will blink in red color. This will help your kitchen personnel to prioritize the order and your dining staff to talk with the customers.

Restaurant technology will allow you a faster service hit rate and saves you time.

Efficient Turn-Around Time

What’s your turn-around time? Your turn-around time determines how many people have dined in your restaurant at a given time. The faster it is the better because it means that you’re able to maximize your space for your customers. This directly translates to your restaurant sales.

By using restaurant technology you’re able to make your turn-around time faster which means for an hour you’re able to feed a hundred people given your limited space. Sounds fun right? It does not stop there.

You can also measure your turn-around time by using online delivery technology. It tracks the time from the moment your customers placed their orders until they receive it.  

By using technology, you are able to track the performance of your team in an objective way.

Establish Customer Ownership

The end-users of restaurant technology are not only you but also your customers. So, if you got awesome and easy to use technology, your customers will appreciate it.  They will look forward to using your technology. They will establish ownership to it and this builds loyalty.

For example, they’re comfortable in using your kiosk ordering machine they will not go to other restaurants using a different technology. Choose your technology well, not all can satisfy and establish customer ownership.

Great Takeaway From Us

Restaurant technology is a broad topic of conversation and there a lot to discuss when it comes to infusing technology to your food business.

Having a reliable, accurate, and knowledge of technology can give you an advantage knowing that your operation is taken care of. Traditional restaurants need not completely lose touch of their humble beginnings but can do well with using technology as a leverage to set the bar higher and improve operations. It also helps teams perform well across all facets of the restaurant operations.

Don’t be the last on the technology race, join the bandwagon and start charting your success.

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