How is Technology Transforming the Restaurant Industry?

Technology has made the development of many innovative ideas in almost all major fields of human endeavors possible; including the restaurant industry.

Innovation in technology has made our lives easier in such a way that some things that were virtually impossible to accomplish before, are now possible – thanks to the latest developments in digital transformation. So, how do these affect the way the foodservice industry does business and deal with customers? Below, we rounded up the7 ways technology is reshaping the restaurant industry.

Drives Sales and Growth

How? Gone are the days where newspaper, print, and tv ads are the only marketing platform available to reach your customers. Today, not only did technology make marketers’ lives easier, it made marketing campaigns cheaper, too. With just a few clicks of a button on social media channels and emails, you are able to reach out to an even wider market.

Everybody uses smartphones now. Businesses use this fact to take advantage of marketing, sales and growth opportunities. Buying decisions are made almost instantly when potential customers are presented with the information that they need to make a purchase. Attention span is shorter than ever – and competition is tougher as businesses use all avenues to try and buy in customers with their ideas, latest offerings, and whatnot.

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Automation of Restaurant Systems

Your customers’ dining experience tells a lot about your restaurant’s service level. If you’re averaging 4.5 stars on customer feedback and reviews, then you surely would like to keep it this way. How do you up the ante and keep delivering a great dining experience for every customer that enters your restaurant?

With the use of restaurant systems management apps to automate some of your restaurant systems, you’re on your way to having more time to focus on developing your menu specials and even improve on operation efficacy. Which means more chances of getting those 5-star ratings and excellent service feedback.

Tip: one of the first things you can consider automating is your ordering system. You can put in place an ordering kiosk at your restaurant instead of the usual practice of service staff manually taking orders.

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Increase Customer Service Efficiency

Technology also helps take innovation to your restaurant customer service. The way in which you respond to your customer inquiries, concerns and issues is critical for business success.  Your response must be quick to offer resolutions for your customers’ issues. Customer complaints are inevitable. But poor customer service is the last thing you want your restaurant to have.

Also, when you use a customer service software where you can set up canned responses and chatbots to direct common customer inquiries to a resource center somewhere on your website it allows for better management of customer issues and inquiries without breaking the bank. You won’t have to hire more employees to man your customer service hotline or live chat round the clock. Doing so is also a nice way to let your customers feel that you’re serious in improving their dining experience.

Reach A Wider Market Segment

Using technology allows your restaurant to tap a wider market segment as compared to simply relying on your current restaurant location. Adapting to the latest trend of online food delivery services This is an opportunity for more brand exposure and a higher chance for growth since you’re no longer restricted by location.

When you are readily available with a simple tap of the “Place Order” button, you are offering your products to a wider audience – who are potential repeat customers (yes, that market segment where a good percentage of restaurant business profits come from).

A Convergence of New Ideas and Existing Methods

This may surprise you but technology is key to bringing new ideas to life – most of which sprung from current methods that are already being implemented in a business. Technology enhances these existing methods to create better results. An example is the preparation of financial statements which usually takes time and effort from your finance department – you can now easily accomplish this by downloading a nifty software off the internet.

Another example is the birth of virtual restaurants that are fully operating online. You can learn more about virtual restaurants here.

Develops Good Corporate Governance

One of the key functions of corporate governance is transparency. With the help of technology, you can now publish company news and performance reports in real-time on your website. Engage your stakeholders, potential investors, and customers by sharing your brand’s story and advocacies.  It humanizes your business and makes your audience feel involved in your brand.

Encourages Customer Loyalty

The best thing your restaurant can get from your customers is their loyalty. When you’re able to establish a good network of loyal customers, your business will thrive. Take advantage of technology to build your customer and fan base – it’s your ticket to business growth. Taker helps restaurants grow by setting up their own loyalty program in their ordering app.

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Knowing the importance of technology in the restaurant industry isn’t rocket science. But what we laid out above is somewhat just the tip of the iceberg. Technology plays a big part in every industry, but those can be discussed on a different blog post. We do hope that we are able to shed some light on lingering questions you might have if you are currently on the fence about integrating technology into your food business.

By understanding how even the simplest of technology works, you can embrace change, adapt the use of technology to your business, and blend it with the current systems in your restaurant to make your systems and day-to-day operations more efficient, if not better.

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