Plant Based Diet

How Can Your Restaurant Benefit from A Plant-Based Diet?

In today’s changing world, many customers do not only look for delicious foods but they are also considering a plant-based diet. They’re looking at having a healthy lifestyle that will help them reduce the chance of getting diseases from unhealthy eating habits.

The number of new US food and drink products that mentioned plant-based grew 268 percent between 2012 and 2018 (The Washington Post, 2019)

The trend of having this kind of lifestyle of customers should be considered by food establishments especially restaurants. They should come up with meals that satisfy the taste and needs of this kind of customers. Therefore, they should consider offering a plant-based diet in their list of offerings and that includes you of course.

Plant-based diet in a nutshell

Plant-based diets are foods that come from plants and do not contain ingredients that come from animals or meat. It is mainly offering natural plant-based products like fruits, vegetables, tubers, legumes and whole grains in your menu. But how can your restaurants benefit from offering a plant-based diet in your menu?

Here are some of the benefits that restaurants can get from offering a plant-based diet:

An additional variety of product offerings

Offering plant-based diet food products will increase the variety of product offerings in your restaurant. Customers will not only choose products from the limited offerings in your restaurants but they can choose from a plant-based menu that will satisfy their tastes and preferences. With these in mind, if your restaurant will have a plant-based diet on your list of offerings, it will give you an advantage over your competitors.

By promoting a plant-based diet menu in your restaurant, your customers are not just limited to choosing the same meal over and over again. Whenever customers see new menus like a plant-based diet in your restaurant, customers will be curious about it and they will try to taste it. Say for example, of offering a plant-based patty instead of meat in your burgers. Or perhaps a plant-based rolls in your menu. Who would not want to try a new menu such as those mentioned right? 

Increase in your target market

Employing or adding a plant-based diet in your menu will help your restaurant to cater to a new market segment. Segments like customers with health problems and those who are health conscious. It’s a trend that many people are becoming conscious of the food they eat. And you should take this to your advantage.

You’re adding a new segment in your restaurant which will generate income to you. We will discuss this more in the next part of this post. Your restaurant is building a good image for promoting a healthy lifestyle by the offering of your plant-based menu.

You can also include your plant-based menu as an addition to your online delivery offering. By using an innovative, reliable and user-friendly delivery app like Taker, you touch base with your delivery segment and market.

Adding a plant-based diet in your menu is key for your restaurant growth to learn more about menu management, read this post.

Lower production cost and an increase in sales and profit

This is the thing every restaurant owner and manager like the most. Let me tell you a secret, when you add a plant-based diet on your menu you will bring a positive impact on your sales. Yes, let me show you how.

When you expand your target market, there will be an increase in your sales. Given your proper management, it will turn into an increase in your profits. You will benefit because the cost of production of a plant-based menu is lesser than the animal-based diet food products.

Plant-based diets raw materials can be seen everywhere and there will be adequate raw materials in producing such a product. With the low cost of production, your restaurant will be benefited as they will increase their profits especially in the introduction stage of plant-based diets wherein customers will try new products just for the sake to know more of that new product.

Increase in brand image and lower promotional cost

With the introduction of plant-based diets of your restaurants comes social responsibility. Restaurants having plant-based diet meals will be socially responsible as it helps customers who have major illnesses to be more physically fit as it offers products that will give them nutrients. Customers will patronize the business itself because of its advocacy to promote a healthier choice of food products.

With plant-based diet meals as one of the offerings of your restaurants, people will promote it by themselves and this will cause a lower promotional cost on your business. Customers will talk about the restaurants’ plant-based products to their friends and colleagues and this will turn into an increase in the number of customers.

These are some of the benefits we can derive from offering plant-based diet meals in our restaurant. Let us try to widen our perspective and let us try to introduce plant-based meals in our list of menu offerings. This will not just benefit your business by having lots of customers, an increase in sales and profits, an increase in brand image and lower promotional costs but also it will benefit the most important person of your business, your customers.

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