Restaurant Menu Item

Restaurant Menu Items per Branch

Taker is bringing to you a new feature that allows you to control the availability of your restaurant menu items for each branch. A common scenario is that restaurants with multiple branches might run out of a specific item in a specific branch. In this case, you would want to stop this item from being available in the restaurant menu so customers won’t be able to order it.

One of the worse things that negatively affects the experience of the customers is when he orders then finds out later what he ordered isn’t available. However, with this great feature, this will never happen because customers won’t even see the item in the menu of the website or the app. If you’re using Taker’s Kiosk, item availability also applies

Restaurant Menu item

To configure that, go to Branches then edit the branch that you want to disable items for then you’ll see a toggle button to switch on and off. Once this is done, customers won’t see this item if ordering from this particular branch.

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