Self-Ordering Kiosk

Taker self ordering kiosk helps you cut labor costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Self-Service Restaurant Kiosk

A modern, easy to use self-service kiosk for restaurants

Delight your Customers

Joyful digital ordering experience for your customers.

Increase Revenue

With no lines, customers can place orders much faster.

Cut Costs

Utilize staff efficiently and improve their productivity.

Ordering Website

Meet customers' expectations

  • Easy-to-use interface

Use Taker self ordering kiosk to simplify food ordering for your customers, show the full menu and let them decide.

  • Customizable Menu

With Taker self ordering kiosk you can control your menu from a centralized dashboard at any time.

Increase the check size

Increase Check Value

Taker self ordering system was thoughtfully designed to encourage customers to add more to the cart via cross selling techniques.

Speed up the service time

Speed up the service time

Don’t let staff shortage hold you back from serving more customers by introducing another way for customers to order and pay. Then receive the orders the moment they place it on the kiosk. Also, you don’t waste your staff time with inaccurate orders.

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