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Why Your Restaurant Needs an Order Taker App to Increase Profit [infographic]

In the last few years, consumers have grown a remarkable interest in using an order taker app to do everything. From searching for a new place to eat, booking reservations in advance, to placing orders for delivery. In fact, it is becoming a new trend in the foodservice industry. This includes a considerable growth rate in the past couple of years.

Although, some restaurants have delayed joining the bandwagon due to several factors including budget and time constraints. Because of this, these establishments without an order taker app have been put at a disadvantage.

This gave way for competitors to gain a market share that is growing at a rapid pace. The wide use of an order taker app proved to be profitable for restaurants. Adapting this piece of restaurant technology also helped brands save time and money in advertising and operations.

Know if it’s the right fit for the business

To give you a headstart, we’ve put together a checklist. This post tackles how restaurant owners can do a self-assessment on adopting restaurant technology. After this, they can then decide if acquiring an online ordering system is the next step to achieve success for their brands. Developing an order taker app for your restaurant takes your brand to a whole new level of competitiveness.

If you’d like to know why you need to create an order taker app for your restaurant, check out our some astounding figures we’ve put together below:

order taker app

Change is constant in restaurant technology

The figures illustrated in this infographic will change over time as the concept of the online ordering system evolves. If you’re one of those restaurant business owners who are on the fence about developing an order taker app, take heed.

If you want to keep up with the winning restaurant trends, see the opportunity that restaurant technology brings to businesses. Create a restaurant app to maximize your earning potential – with the help of these tips. As the number of tech-savvy customers rises, so does the demand for a modern approach to online food ordering increase as well.

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