5 Key Benefits of Having Your Restaurant’s Own App

You finally decided its the right time to  install your own app for your restaurant order delivery segment or are you currently using one and seeking affirmation that you’re on the right path to business success? If you answered yes to any of these then this post is for you. The fast-paced development of technology is something every restaurant must keep up with. Thus, one way to get along the tide is to create a restaurant app for online ordering.

The past year we’ve worked with restaurants and seen their pain points before adopting restaurant technology. As we went along, we have come to see more benefits to creating a restaurant app while technology evolved. Aside from the obvious benefit of having full control of customer and user data. We’ve gathered 5 of the key benefits of having your own restaurant app.

 What’s a restaurant app?

A restaurant app is a technology that allows you to attract, engage and convert sales. It usually runs on a concept created to further your market reach. In order to create a restaurant app, the experts take into consideration usability, quality, and optimum performance.

1.      A restaurant app will help in your segment business growth

By the year 2020, it is projected that mobile users will grow to a booming 3 billion users. This gives you an idea of the importance and impact of having a restaurant app among other business considerations. If you have an app for restaurant ordering your segments will grow income for you. Let’s discuss each segment so that you can better appreciate this key benefit.

  • Dining

Your dining segment will be able to increase sales because your restaurant app will feature a waitlist that will allow your customers to reserve early. It is also expected that if your customers get a great experience using your app they’ll go into your store location and dine with you.

  • Delivery

Among your segments, your delivery will have an expected increase in sales because it is the segment that is directly integrated with your restaurant app. Just be sure to give a great and awesome delivery experience to your customers.

To learn more about how you can give a great and awesome delivery experience to your customers you can read this post.

  • Take-out

Your take-out segment will also grow in sales because your customers after experiencing both your delivery and dining segments would logically try your take-out service. It is common for customers after dining with you that they will order some take-out meals for their family members and house helpers.

Overall, if you let the experts create your restaurant app it will impact all your segments and contribute to your business performance. It acts as a multiplier among other technology and marketing initiatives in your restaurant operations.

2. Establish customer rewards and loyalty programs

The next key benefit of your restaurant app is that it is able to establish customer rewards and loyalty programs. It does by following this cycle of managing your customers:

  • Your restaurant app gives you customer attraction by its accessibility and features

Your restaurant app will help you attract customers to your company and provide for the initial connection to your service, reward program, and loyalty incentives as well as your menu offering. It’s important to note here that your app should be engaging. It should represent well your brand while keeping your customer’s attention to you and letting them enjoy your app experience.

  • Customer engagement through user-friendly device integrations in your restaurant app

Make sure that your app is user-friendly in all devices and also fully integrated. The benefit of these to your customer rewards and loyalty programs is the easy access and redemption of the customers of your rewards and incentives. As a result, customers will be encouraged to earn more by ordering more since they are incentivized.

  • Your restaurant app helps improves your customer sales conversion

The purpose of your rewards and loyalty program is to keep your customers and let them feel that you value them in your business. This engagement will then lead to another sales conversion which your app helps you to attain. Your customers can show your app to their friends and family members who are not yet your customers and this will lead to a new customer base for you.

  • It helps in customer retention by emphasizing on your rewards and loyalty programs

In your app, you can have a dedicated feature discussing your rewards and loyalty programs for your customers. Convey your appreciation to your customers and if possible you can include some loyal customer’s short profile and history with your restaurant. In this way, you’re conveying appreciation and value to your loyal customers.

 3. Brand booster

Boost your brand by letting the experts create your restaurant app. Having your own app allows you to do the following in your digital marketing efforts:

  •  Your restaurant app will serve as your brand multiplier

Given in today’s branding activities your app will let you multiply your branding activities by sharing it to your social media channels which will lead to customer engagements. It can be used as your landing page in your social media posts not only your website to give your customers some variations. 

  • A restaurant app will give you brand image in cyberspace

Apart from your website, your restaurant app is another tool for your branding in cyberspace. It will not only attract your customers but will give you instant engagements and sales conversion. Its features will allow you to give branding a practical view. Create a restaurant app with this branding booster in mind.

 4. Market expansion from active customers to prospects

In any business industry, adding loyal customers is an important feat to consider. This will ensure business sustainability and further growth. Your restaurant app will allow you to expand your market by the referrals your current customers will make to prospective customers.  By ensuring a memorable first-time experience to your app of your new customers it will turn them into loyal ones. You can also set your app with the goal to engage prospects and making them your customers. Just coordinate well with your experts or service providers on how to integrate it with your restaurant app.

5. Interactive mode for customer engagement and retention

Your restaurant app is an interactive way for you to solicit your customer engagement and retention. You can twist and tweak its features, content, and services to fit your current and prospective customers. It’s very important that you ensure that your app will address all potential concerns your customers might encounter as they enlist your services and order your menu in your segments. Always communicate to them your brand in a manner that is courteous, professional and engaging is the key for your continued customer engagements and retention.

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