Foodics Integration Updates & More – March 2020

Foodics integration. Synchronization now will not overwrite the branches locations and Delivery Types.

Subscription packages. After subscription settings are updated old packages that don’t suit new settings are hidden.

Subscription excel and pdf now handle weights and units of items and modifiers.

Branch name and date of creation are added to subscription details.

a new version of items listing layout (horizontal). It can be set in Mobile App add-on settings.

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Now customers can open the item screen to change modifiers choices and quantity by tapping on the item in the cart.

OTP code is now filled in automatically on iOS.

Restaurant can now choose basic text color in header and tab bar of the mobile app

Waitlist. If a branch is currently closed it’s shown in the list with the indication.   

Now when a customer opens the app and already has a saved address from the previous order we check if his current location is the same. If not, we show a tooltip informing the customer about that