Using a Restaurant Ordering System to Improve Customer Experience

The key to a positive customer experience is a well-designed and well-functioning restaurant ordering system. It doesn’t matter if your customer is dining in or ordering online. Their experience will determine whether they’ll become a loyal customer or a source of negative word-of-mouth for your business!

How does a restaurant ordering system help your business grow?

For the dining-in customer, an efficient restaurant ordering system can create a personalized experience as the staff takes the customer’s order on the spot and makes sure it is correctly entered into the system. In the case of online ordering, the ordering and tracking process makes the customer feel at ease. While for the kitchen staff, a restaurant ordering system helps them create personalized food experiences.

Why should you back your restaurant ordering system with POS software?

A backed ordering system streamlines orders from multiple channels. This makes it easier for restaurants to track sales as well as give a complete view of order details.  Also, menu adjustments and customized offers can be set based on the insights gained.

How does a POS software process orders?

An evolved, cloud-based POS software processes orders through:

1. Restaurant premises, for the old-school paper and pen method of order taking, can lead to errors. In addition, the traditional order cycle is longer which makes a restaurant ordering system via POS software more accurate and time-saving.

Another thing is that your staff has access to the menu and table numbers on the screen which helps them track and optimize the overall table turnover time. Even in takeaway and delivery, the orders are reflected in the same system as the on-premises.  

Marketing-wise, based on the types of orders, restaurants can tailor offers and discounts. And customers also will find it easy to split bills or do separate checks as the system automatically does the calculations.

2. Restaurant website/mobile application as lately, restaurants have come to realize that a self-owned restaurant ordering system like a website or app is the best way to manage the end customer experience. And the best part about this is the easy integration with POS software. Also, the orders received online through the website or app reflect in the POS. For customers, it’s easier for them to track their orders and view their order history.

As for restaurant owners- based on the collected consumption and customer data- they can create customized offers with notifications being sent to the customers via the app. This makes retaining customers a less challenging job. The insights about the performance of each dish as well may bring restaurant owners to make changes in the central menu which again reflect on the restaurant’s website and app.

Tips to consider when investing in a restaurant ordering system:

  • A single view of all orders across channels.
  • A POS that is equipped with the main requirements of an ordering system.
  • The ability to upgrade the existing restaurant ordering system.
  • A customer-centric restaurant ordering system.

Get started now with a new ordering system for your restaurant tailored to fit your budget and needs.