Features to Look for in Your Restaurant Management Software for Employee Scheduling

In recent months, Covid-19 has made restaurant management more difficult than ever. And since employees are responsible for delivery kitchens, having their shifts scheduled systematically is key to their success. To help you as a restaurant owner or manager benefit from your workforce to the fullest, we listed the features to look for when choosing your restaurant management software for employee scheduling.

1. Easy shift-based scheduling

Starting from your employees’ availability, work schedules, and leaves, all the way to data tracking, the scheduling process should run smoothly. Considering efficient restaurant management depends on having the right employee work their best for reasonable hours, the system ensures your employees are neither overworked nor facing any obstacles while working.

As for takeout and delivery restaurants, a shift-based scheduling feature is a life-saver, for you may find yourself in need of twice as many employees as you did in the past.

2. POS integration

Another important feature is POS integration with your software. A POS system helps you gain a better understanding of your employees. Through your customer data, you identify areas of strength and weaknesses. Information such as the number of upsold orders, frequent and successful deliveries, and hours worked by each employee are all provided by the ideal restaurant management software.

As you analyze the data, you get a clearer vision of your employees’ true potential and possibly give incentives as per performance.

3. Mobile-friendliness

A part of smart restaurant management is to accommodate everyone. To have an employee scheduling software that is compatible with all devices- mobile phones included- is another important point to consider. Not all employees have access to laptops or computers all the time. This is why your restaurant management software must be optimized for mobile devices.

Also, this way, restaurant owners and employees can keep track of shift timings and tasks making it easier for both to remain updated throughout the day.

4. Faster communication

Ease of communication with employees is an essential feature of any restaurant management system, especially with employee scheduling. Efficient communication in terms of employee shifts, leave requests, and performance management should be covered by the software. With such an integrated platform, employees get to plan their vacation and you can keep track of their schedules at all times.

5. Unusual periods of activity coverage

Even during the chaos of the pandemic, it is unacceptable that restaurant employees are overworked. Your restaurant management system should keep track of unscheduled breaks, planned employee activities, and absence shifts.

Of course, adversity may result in management challenges, but having efficient software for employee scheduling can help you stay ahead of crises.

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