8 Recipe Management Tips to Boost Your Restaurant’s Revenue

Whether you’re new to the restaurant business or simply taking your already existing business to a new level, customers expect quality food across all your outlets at all times. Failing to keep consistency across your restaurant branches may lead you to lose potential loyal customers every second.

The key, here, to retain loyal customers, attract new ones, and thus increase your restaurant’s revenue-  is recipe management. Below are eight tips to help you maximize profits through using restaurant technology.

1. Serve fast and serve more

A great deal of recipe management relies on time management. When you set a standardized preparation time for all your dishes, your table turnover rate will increase as customers will be satisfied by the quality of your dishes in addition to your quick service.

2. Maintain recipe consistency

To minimize any possible errors while preparing your dishes, include a detailed standardized recipe in your recipe management plan. This way, you’ll keep up recipe consistency while lowering your food costs.

3. Minimize wastage

The lesser you waste, the more you earn. Why is that? Because your recipe management system indicates the ingredients needed for each dish and how much it costs. This process gives you an idea of your estimated stock and your exact next purchase order. Without it, you may find yourself using different quantities of ingredients in the same dish every time you prepare it! A total waste of food!

4. Maintain branch consistency

Keeping a common recipe across all restaurant branches helps you maintain recipe consistency across all outlets besides establishing a solid brand name. But success isn’t just about recipe consistency; it’s about consistency across all branches. In other words, serving the same menu across all branches.

5. Create a central dashboard

Have all your recipes accessible by all your branches in one click. Tweaking recipes or adding or changing them is unavoidable, especially as you listen to your customers’ feedback. By putting all your recipes on a central dashboard, all recipe updates will be accessible to all outlets simultaneously.

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6. Order the right amount of stock

Aside from keeping track of wastage, ordering just the right amount of stock is another excellent way to increase your restaurant’s revenue. Over-ordering stock is a common mistake often made, but with a recipe management technology that measures consumption, you’ll save on stock and level up to boost revenue.

7. Make it easy for your staff

Your business goals should be clear and easy to understand by all of your staff members. Things like recipes, ambiance and the overall customer experience you seek to achieve should be included in the standardized training for all staff members, especially new ones.  With an efficient recipe management system, your staff can deliver their best from the very beginning.

8. Make your staff independent

By independent, we don’t mean your staff members being detached or disconnected from the work cycle. What we do mean is that your restaurant operations are smoothly streamlined that even the absence of any member doesn’t cause a drop in performance. Using a recipe management system ensures that each member is fully aware of your recipes in a way that guarantees efficient delivery at all times.