Restaurant Promotions

Introducing Restaurant Promotions Engine

We can’t imagine an e-commerce website without promotions and discounts. Therefore, Taker is introducing an advanced promocode feature to create restaurant promotions and discounts for a better marketing.

As you all know, restaurant promotions and discounts help in many ways. They help with customers acquisition and retention as well as improving the re-ordering rate. The ultimate goal is to grow the sales.

Here is the details of how to create restaurant promotions (promocode):
Code: this is the actual code to be entered to get the discount. It can be auto-generated.
– Amount: This is how much you want to discount. It could be fixed amount or a percentage.
– Dates: start and end of the promocode.
– Category: this allows you to apply the restaurant promotions to a certain category only.
– Item: this allows you to apply the promocode to a certain item only.
– User Limit: this is to define how many users to use this promocode. Leave it empty if unlimited.
– Usage Limit: this is to define how many times a user can use it. Leave it empty if unlimited
– Apply to First Order: this means the promocode can only be applied if it’s the first order for the user. This helps with customer acquisition.
– Minimum Order: you can set the minimum below which customer can’t apply the restaurant promotions.

If your restaurant is looking for an online ordering system

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