Piper Jaffray projected that $200 billion — one quarter of all restaurant industry sales — will shift to digital ordering and delivery over the next five years.

Restaurant Delivery, Do It Right.

Eating from restaurants has become a social habit whose intensity differs from a place to another. That is not only dine-in or takeaway orders, also people order food while staying home. This can intensify when people choose to stay home like at exams or sports seasons. At this time, people don’t go out and don’t have time to cock because they are busy. Since we know restaurant delivery is a great way to increase the sales, doing it right is key to achieve that.

Here is some tips to do it right

Fancy Packaging

Fancy packaging makes your brand shine dominating the place where it is placed to catch people’s eyes. That’s a great marketing to a targeted set of customers. Make sure your packaging designer follows your branding guidelines like logo dimensions, color code and shapes. Keeping it consistent across all channels makes it stick in customers mind forever.

A few simple touches can make a big difference. It can be just adding branded a stick on the sandwiches or a sticker on the wrapping papers. While deciding the packaging, just make sure it is also needed to keep your food hot and fresh so it does not lose its taste.

Clear Operational Guidelines

You may have done a great job optimizing the experience for customers dining in or taking food away with them Delivery also needs the same. Taker has done a brilliant job optimizing the user experience on the ordering app and website, now it’s great and delightful. But what happens when the delivery order arrives at your end?.

Inside your restaurant, you need to map out the steps from the moment you receive the order till it’s delivered. It includes going through the kitchen to make and be ready for driver pickup to deliver it. Any inefficiency within the steps can cause troubles to you and to the customer experience. Needless to say that one of the biggest mistakes restaurants make is that order arrives different from what they ordered. That is very bad specially if it is less as this means some won’t be able to eat.

Offering and managing the restaurant delivery service isn’t very easy but it can be lucrative if done right.

Train Drivers

Your drivers are your representatives. In fact, they are a key in the delivery process and customer experience. Therefore, making sure they present your restaurant well is essential. Train them how to drive when carrying food, train them how to talk to the customer starting from calling him/her to inform he’s at the door till he meets to hands over the food. Train them how to deal with unhappy customers to retain them. Again, they are your representatives so choose how you want to be represented.

Restaurant Delivery Management Software

Every order has two steps, order preparation step and order delivery step. Normally, restaurants do a good job in the first step, but when it comes to delivery, it gets so complicated. This is because three parties are involved in the process, the restaurant, the driver and the client to accomplish the delivery job. So in order to make this step professionally accomplished, Taker has partnered up with an advanced delivery management software, Dook. This is to help restaurants streamline their delivery operations to increase the efficiency -which leads to cut cost- and dramatically improve the quality of the delivery service.

If you enable Dook, your orders will accurately be sent once you accept them along with all the details that the driver needs. It includes the customer location, name, number as well as the order details itself so the driver also double checks the order before delivery.

If your restaurant is looking for an online ordering system

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