Foodics Integration

We are thrilled to announce that Taker and Foodics integration is now out of beta.

Foodics is one of the most advanced cloud POS systems out there. It has robust technology and infrastructure to help restaurants manage their operations and financials easily. It has over 4000 customers and processed over 1 billion orders at an average of 5 million transactions a minute. Foodics isn’t only a POS, rather, it provides restaurants with a complete restaurant management suite. It includes POS, kitchen display system, call center management, table management, waiters digital menu, reports and analytics and employee timesheet. Along with that, it has a wide variety of different systems and solution integrated with it such as accounting and loyalty. This really helps restaurants have all of what they need with easily within their central POS system.

We believe this strategic partnership is for the benefit of our mutual customers. With the integration, your operations have become so easily managed as your online orders automatically go to Foodics.

If you’re starting a new restaurant or considering changing your technology, contact us for a combined cost-effective solution.