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How to Leverage Online Food Ordering: Restaurant Branding and Growth

Take advantage of online food ordering because instead of going to dine in restaurants many customers nowadays choose to order their food online. This changing customer preference is very helpful for any restaurant to take advantage in terms of its engagement, digital marketing, branding, and growth. In this post, we will help you on how you can leverage online food ordering for your restaurant branding and growth.

What leveraging is and is not for your online food ordering technology?

Leveraging is a concept that describes your actions to make use of your existing process, system, and technology in order to achieve another business goal. In our case, we want to achieve better branding growth for your restaurant by using your online food ordering technology. This is in direct contrast if you’ll install another system, technology or process say, for example, a SEO program. You do this in order for you to promote your branding and growth in the digital space. This is not leveraging because you’re using a new program in order for you to achieve a business goal.

Social media marketing

By using your online ordering system you can promote your restaurant brand and reach more customers in the different social media. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will give you more exposure and potential customers and leveraging on it is what we call, social media marketing.

How can you do this?

You can do this by doing the following techniques:

  • Focus on your online food ordering service and technology in your postings

You can post in your social media account about your newest online food de service features and discuss on it being user-friendly. By doing this, you’re leveraging on your technology in promoting your brand. The message that you’re sending to your customers is that we care for you and we are updating our technology so that you can have an awesome dining and delivery experience with us.

  • Engage your customers more by creating your page

Letting your customers know that you want to engage them in social media about your menu, service and future plans will add value in your customer retention and prospecting task. It will keep your regular customers updated about your restaurant and your prospective customers aware that you exist in the industry. By doing this, you’re not only promoting your brand but ensuring your growth in terms of added customers.

  • Let your online food ordering speaks more of you

Coordinate with your service provider to enable you to add more features to your online ordering app. The more engaging and user-friendly the added features the better. This will enable you to engage more of your customers and promote your restaurant brand through your online ordering system.

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Email marketing

Many restaurants got it wrong to say that emails are no longer helpful in both branding and growth since we have the advent of social media. They forget the fact that email marketing is an important tool in digital marketing because it will allow you to reach more customers. The customer reach that your social media account can give can be maximized by your email marketing. The following tips will enable you to leverage your online food ordering:

  • Brief, catchy and engaging email content introducing your online food ordering

Write direct, well-planned and attention-grabbing email content about your online ordering system that you can send to your customers. Remember that your customers are busy and they don’t have time to read lengthy email content. What’s important is that you’re able to grab their attention for the moment and they will click the link that you gave them going to your website.

  • Send an email to your customers during their special occasions and milestones

By sending regular emails to your customers you’re letting them know you better and allowing yourself to become a household name for them. Leverage your online food ordering by sending emails to your customers during special celebrations or milestones in their lives. You can send a congratulatory email with a link going to your online food delivery. By doing this, you’re able to have a subtle advertisement to your customers and can get a potential customer order.

  • Use email marketing to attract your customers to your restaurant

Leverage your email not only in introducing your restaurant to your customers but to attract them to dine with you or order online. You can do this by sending those attachments that showcase your restaurant interior, menu offerings, and loyalty program.

Website and app promotions using your online food ordering technology

There are many websites and app that offers free advertising mileage today you can search for them and take advantage of them. You can do this by first using your online food ordering technology as your initial offering to your customers.  Website and app linking is another way for you to leverage on this free promotion. This is done by posting your restaurant profile to the websites or contributing significant content on the site. The website owner then publishes your content and your profile to their visitors and this is where you get your free advertisement mileage. Maximize website and app linking by discussing your restaurant online ordering system as well as emphasizing on your restaurant niche.

Paid advertisement

You can invest also in your online food ordering technology for your branding and growth by doing paid advertising on social media and other channels. This is done by considering your budget for your specific advertisement and the audience you intend to reach. Most paid advertisements allow you the freedom to choose your scheduled postings which is a great advantage for you. If your target customers are professionals then schedule your paid advertisement during the evening when these professionals are already at home and are checking their social media accounts. If your target customers are students then schedule your advertisement during weekends as students are busy during school days and they have minimal time in checking their social media accounts. It’s best to plan well all your paid advertisements and ensure that it is cost-efficient. Monitor it also to ensure that it will have a conversion for your restaurant.

We already gave you some of the pointers that you can use in order for you to leverage your online food ordering technology for your restaurant branding and growth. It’s important that you are able to make use of your existing resources in order to achieve your other business goal. We want you to take advantage of this trend and we want you to be successful in it.

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