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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Restaurant Location

When you’re choosing the best location for your restaurant it’s not only about your restaurant ordering software but there are other factors you should consider. It’s a challenging and awesome task ahead to scout for your restaurant location. However, if you’re able to consider the things that we will give you in this post you will be able to nail it right. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing your new restaurant location.

1. Safety and security

In choosing for your new restaurant location you should ensure that the location is safe and secure for both you and your customers. This is very important because you need to make sure that your operations will be sustainable and that your customers will be able to walk to your restaurant without any safety and security issues in mind. In short, it is giving yourself and your customer’s peace of mind inside your restaurant. You should choose a location that will allow you to security in installing your restaurant ordering software and your inventory. The crime rate of your proposed location is important to consider before choosing it as a new place for your restaurant.

Crime rate as your indicator for safety and security

Look at the statistics of the crime rate in the new location that you’re looking for in your restaurant because it will give you an idea of the safety and security of the place. If it has higher incidents of crime then this is a good indication that you should not proceed with your place and look for another location instead. If it indicates a lower number of crime rates then you can consider the new location for your restaurant.  Just be aware though of your needed safety and security measures in your restaurant so that you can avoid being a victim and part of the statistics.

2. Traffic Generator

Another factor to consider in your new location is if it will give you a volume of traffic. You should observe in your proposed restaurant location if it is near establishments where people go and do their business. This is your indicator that your location will be able to attract customers to your restaurant.  Look at the following establishments as a sign that your proposed restaurant location is a good traffic generator:

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Government offices
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Parks and resorts
  • Transportation terminals and train stations       
  • Airports and seaports

These are just the establishments that can drive traffic to your restaurant its ideal to have a location near to all of them but if you can’t find such prime location you can settle with 2 or more of any of the mentioned establishments in your proposed location.

3. Competitor check and comparative restaurant ordering software

In choosing your new location the factor of identifying who your competitors are is relevant in order for you to strategize in your opening activities as well as marketing. You should identify the competitors that are already operating in your proposed location. The following tips will help you to further identify your competitors and segment them accordingly:

  • Identify your competitors if they are your direct or indirect competitors.

Your direct competitors have the same menu, restaurant niche and level of service that you’re offering. Say, for example, you’re a casual dining restaurant that offers chicken as your top menu then at the corner of your proposed location you find the same style and menu in a restaurant that you have then segment the restaurant as your direct competitor.

Your indirect competitors are any restaurants that are not within your niche and level of service. At times, they are entirely different from your menu and offerings. Say, for example, you’re a casual dining restaurant that offers beef steak as your top menu and you saw in front of your proposed location another restaurant but it is offering burgers and is a fast food concept, this restaurant is considered your indirect competitor.

  • Your competitor’s restaurant ordering software matters

Another tip is to look into the restaurant ordering software of your competitors. You can do this by accessing their online delivery or dining for them. It will help if you can experience for yourself your competitor’s restaurant ordering software so that you can spot room for improvements and their strengths. You can also look at their provider for their system and make a comparison with yours.

4. Parking area

If your proposed restaurant location has a spacious parking area this will become your edge over your competitors in the area. Your customers will like it if they will have a parking area within your restaurant so that they will not walk anymore, struggle to find a parking area or pay for it while they are dining in your restaurant. It is also advised if you’ll include your parking area information in your restaurant ordering software for your customer use. This will give your customers a great dining experience to your restaurant.

If your proposed location has no parking area don’t worry, you can still manage to include a parking area in your restaurant layout. Talk to your engineers on how they can incorporate a parking area in your restaurant. Is it possible to have an underground parking area? Or add some extensions to the location? Just be open and communicate all your concerns to your team.

5. Restaurant ordering software

After checking your competitor’s restaurant ordering software it’s time you evaluate yours. You should check the sustainability of your online ordering system and if it’s up to date based on industry development.  Talk to your service providers and software developers on areas you can improve in your restaurant ordering software

Ethical hacking as a means of testing your restaurant ordering software

One way of testing the security and sustainability of your restaurant ordering software is for you to conduct an ethical hacking activity. An ethical hacking activity is done by a certified ethical hacker which will test your restaurant ordering software by initiating cyber-attacks on it with the end of finding a weakness in order to provide solutions later on.  Your ethical hacker might program a virus to attack your restaurant ordering software to test whether it can resist such attacks or not? The key here is prevention rather than curative management of your software.

6. Visibility to customers

A business that’s not visible to its customer is a dead one. This runs true also in your restaurant business; customer visibility is a factor in choosing your new restaurant location. Ensuring that you’re visible to your customers is ensuring your survival in your new location. You should choose a location that will allow you to be noted immediately by your customer. The ideal location should be at the center of establishments and not on its corners. Choose a location that has lights and is a pathway for people.

7.  Enhances your brand

Another factor that you should consider is a location that will enhance your brand. If your brand is a fine dining restaurant you should choose a location that is not cluttered and has a spacious parking area. If it’s a fast-food category a location that will allow you to have a drive-thru is perfect. Avoid a location that will compromise your restaurant brand as you communicate it in your media and restaurant ordering software.

 8.  Affordability

The last factor that you should consider in choosing your new restaurant location is affordability. Having a premium restaurant location should not cost you that much. You must be able to consider the rental or acquisition cost over your projected income. It is the same when you considered your online ordering system. You considered the cost of developing your restaurant ordering software over the cost of having a service provider like Taker manage it for you.

We already gave you the essential factors to consider in choosing your new restaurant location. It’s a guide for you to enable your sustainability and survival in your new location. It will help you also in checking your preparation prior to your restaurant operations. Again, prevention is better than cure in choosing your new restaurant location.

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