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6 Things to Expect When You Launch Your Restaurant’s Website

When everything is already set-up for you and you already considered the current trend on restaurant technology report in launching your restaurant website it is also important to know what to expect as you venture to this activity. In this post, we will give you the 6 things to expect as you launch your restaurant website. You need to pay attention to these things in order to ensure smooth running in launching your website. Launching your website is your first step in the world of digital marketing. It will open the doors for opportunities and growth. Likewise, it will help you engage your customers and stakeholders better and at a personal level.

1. Proper scheduling and project management

In launching your website you need to consider looking at your schedule and your project. This is your planning stage on your website launching. You should expect that you’ll be making your schedule on the activities, resources, and manpower that you need in your website launching.

Why is it important to do scheduling and manage your projects?

Scheduling will allow you to foresee and plan your activities which will make you effective in monitoring if all needed resources are available and your project is going as planned based on deadlines. You should identify the activity that you need to perform in launching your websites such as design, content and beta testing. Your technology and the people who will help you launch your website are also identified in your scheduling.

For example, your programmer should be notified of the target schedule for your website so that he can finish his coding work. It’s also the same with your design team which is composed of your website designer and graphic designer so that the user interface and user experience of your website will complement the program. You should also check your technology if it’s working properly and debug it with your website developer.

2. Checking the updated restaurant technology report regarding website development

With the fast-paced mode of technology, it’s important that you keep abreast of updated restaurant technology reports regarding website development. This is to enable you and your service provider to be aligned regarding the expected looks and properties of your website. It will also give you an edge over your competition with regard to utilizing technology. One of the critical documents that you’ll ask your website developer is the so-called, web development project progress report.

What’s a web development project progress report?

Progress reports are important for ensuring goals are met in any business.  A web development project progress report contains your website updates, challenges, and future goals. You can choose to create your own progress report by using Microsoft word or google docs from scratch. Putting all the details you’ll need in monitoring your website project. You can also save time by using free downloadable templates which contains all the details you need, you just fill them up or your web developer.

3. Content mapping for your website

Your content and how you plan it well also matters in launching your website. You should expect that you’ll check your content plan and align it with your company brand and your vision for your restaurant. It’s very important that your values and vision in your business must coincide with your content. Otherwise, if it will be found out as in conflict with one another your customers will be confused and eventually search for your competitors. Bear in mind the following as you check your content for your website, it should contain the following:

  • Gives added value to your website

Your content should bring value to your restaurant and intends to present a professional picture of your services and products to your customers. It should discuss updated restaurant topics that aim to give additional information to your customers. This information should make your customers appreciate you over your competitors. For example, you’re writing about your state of the art online ordering system you should focus your discussion regarding how your customers will use your system and not on its technical details.

  •  Allows your customers to be engaged and serves as a guide to them regarding your restaurant

The content that you’ll be creating should engage your customers in order for them to trust you and your menu offerings. You should focus on topics that will interest your customers such as technology, new healthy menu and service innovations.

  • Gives you an edge over your competitors because it is well written and research

Your content should be written and research well this is done by checking the facts that you’re presenting your customers. You must check that all your content should have links and references to your sources. Your sources should be respected in the niche you’re referencing them with. Avoid taking sources that are laden with too many advertisements and sponsorships this will confuse your customers once they link your references.

  • It includes restaurant technology reports that are helpful to you

If you’re talking about your online ordering system you should include updated restaurant technology reports about it. Say, for example, you can talk about the newest kiosk that you’re planning to install in your restaurant for the benefit of your customers.

4. SEO google ranking targeting

In launching your website you’re expected to aim to be number one in google search ranking about your restaurant niche. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s very important to any business because it will make you visible to your customers. When you’re visible it will increase your branding and eventually your customers reach.

5. Site speed and performance testing

After all the designing and coding of your website, you are expected to check your site speed and performance. You can do this either by making a mock-up trial or go live and test your performance. Doublecheck also any restaurant technology report about website utilization. You can check your speed and performance depending on your set metrics such as loading time, bugs found and ethical hacking. Your aim here is to ensure that your site will run and deliver based on your plans.

6. Social media accounts readiness for your website

Your website will become dormant no matter how engaging and great your design is if you don’t have any social media accounts. You’re expected to ensure the creation of your social media accounts and make your website your landing page in your postings both organic and paid promotional or daily scheduled posts. Check the readiness of your social media accounts by making sample postings and linking your website to it. Your website address should load immediately with a click from your customers.

Launching your website is indeed challenging on your part but it’s a rewarding activity. It will differentiate you from your competitors and establish your restaurant over your competitors. Take this opportunity and make it your edge in your restaurant.

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