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Getting Smart With Automated Order-taking

The digital age provided technology for a restaurant that proved to be very helpful in both operations and sales generation. Having automated order-taking is now a trend in the restaurant industry complementing your online ordering system. In this article, we will explore the importance and things you should know regarding having an automated order-taking installed in your restaurant.

Automated Order-Taking in a Glance

The purpose of automation is to allow you to save your efforts, time and money as you manage your restaurant. You can concentrate your human capital towards activities that need a human face and human relations skills instead. Activities like customer service and table service in your restaurant. Automation makes use of technology in order to replace your human activity with the same and even greater results.

It is also aimed to improve existing processes which in effect minimizes errors compared if it is done by humans like for example in inventory management. Rather than using manual inventory counting your restaurant can use an automated inventory sheet that automatically computes for the total and deficits of your current stocks. However, automation is not 100% fail-proof but it needs constant upgrading and added security features which can be done to you by a service provider like Taker.

Why do you need to have an automated order-taking in your restaurant?

The glaring statistics for the potential of this technology for restaurant bears that 60 percent of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week this translates an opportunity for you to take. This opportunity is further strengthened by the fact that 34 percent of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online. Technology has effectively bridged the previous gaps of customers to restaurants especially the popularity and use of mobile gadgets. Customers can place their orders easily. This is good news and enough reason for having your own automated order-taking installed in your restaurant. So, let’s get more about automated order-taking so that you’ll be guided as you journey in installing it to your restaurant.

Technology for a restaurant: Understanding the system of automated order-taking

Before you finally decided to put your automated order-taking and take advantage of this technology for a restaurant you need to understand the system behind it.  The following are the steps in your automated order-taking:

  • Customer order placement

This technology for restaurant works in the placement of your customer orders. Your customers upon accessing your online ordering system will choose among the menu offerings you have in your restaurant. Your customers can customize their meals based on their preferences and needs. They can choose to have add-ons and they’re the ones who provide their delivery details to you.

  • Receiving of your customer orders

Your customer order will now go to your computer, tablet or mobile application and you’ll receive it in only a split of seconds upon placement. Upon receiving the order your customers will be notified online and in real-time. The delivery time you committed to your customers will also be seen by them.

  • Order fulfillment or delivery

When your customers have already received the meals they ordered from you it will be recorded and this will serve as your monitoring tool. It will help you rate your efficiency and overall delivery performance.

Smart restaurant technology for you and your customers

After learning about some of the benefits and the system of automated order-taking the next thing you should know is how you can become smart in managing this technology for a restaurant. Here are tips to make you smarter over your competitors:

  • Make your automated order-taking as a tool for your marketing

Yes, you read it right! You can make use of your automated order-taking as your marketing tool by improving the looks and feel of it so that your customers will be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

  • Always ask for customer feedback regarding your automated order-taking

The feedback that you can solicit from your customers will help you to improve on your automated order-taking technology. You can use it also to evaluate your service provider contract later on if you’ll continue your subscription to them or its time for you to look for a replacement.

  • Analyze your customer database

The advantage of having an automated order-taking is that all the information of your customers is stored that you can access anytime without breaching any confidentiality. In this way, you can check who among them are your regular customers and their demographics. By using the database you can devise a program that can fit your customer demographics which will be effective compared to initiating a customer program without a database.

  • Keeping a personal touch to your customers

With your automated order-taking, you can send messages to your customers regarding any new menu offering, restaurant events, and updates. You can also send them greeting during their birthdays, wedding anniversary and other milestones in their lives which will give you a more personal touch. Your customers will, in turn, reward you with their loyalty.

  • Upgrading to new automated order-taking technology is easy

Updates on your automated order-taking can easily be done by you or your service provider without any need to stop your operations for a longer period of time. The downtime will just be 10 to 30 minutes and then you can resume your operations.

  • Integration with your other technology for a restaurant

Your automated order-taking is integrated with your online ordering system and you can choose also to integrate it with your customer relations management system, table management and waitlists depending on your restaurant profile.

  • App access and downloading by your customers

With the advent of our mobile technology, your automated order-taking app can be downloaded by your customer in just a fingertip. This will expand your coverage and customer base as well as branding.

  • Faster turn-around time in your dining segment

By using ordering kiosks in your restaurant which is a form of automated order-taking technology you can increase your dining sales because it will give you faster customer turn-around compared to manual order taking by your staff.

Having your own automated order-taking in your restaurant gives you many benefits from system efficiency to labor cost reduction and branding. So, we believe that there should be no reason for you now to have it in your restaurant. It’s the trend and a proven tool to compete and make your customers loyal to you so take it and start reaping the benefits.

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