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12 Ideas for Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

Over the years, many have claimed that Instagram would take over Facebook until it has recently seen a series of changes making it more Facebook-like. Statistics show that in less than a year, Instagram went from 800 million users to a billion users, half of which use the platform daily. 

Knowing techniques of Instagram marketing for restaurants can help increase your customer base and sales, especially when you know that 38% of Instagram users look at food content and 27% share it. 

To learn twelve ideas to incorporate in your Instagram marketing strategy for restaurants, keep reading. 

1. Showcase your most-liked dishes

Post mouthwatering images of your most popular and new-coming dishes. Keep the captions light, current, and at times even funny.

2.  Use top Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are Instagram’s sorting process. Instagram marketing for restaurants depends highly on the most-searched, food-related hashtags. 

3. Focus on what makes you unique 

If your ingredients come from fresh produce, are locally and organically sourced, and are cruelty-free, make sure you highlight such selling points. 

4. Post video content regularly

Videos are a powerful tool for Instagram marketing for restaurants. An effective Instagram marketing strategy for restaurants includes videos of dish preparation and the end product. 

5. Respond to your customers

Engage with your customers through fast responses. It shows how much you care and that you value their opinions.

6. Engage your customers

An Instagram marketing strategy for restaurants should include engagement posts. Ask customers questions such as what they would like to see added to your restaurant’s menu or use story polls to make them vote for their favorite dishes.

7.  Advertise your services

Instagram marketing for restaurants is all about promoting the selling points of your service. Whether it’s table reservations, pre-orders, or a new pick-up or curbside pick-up service, keep your customers in the loop.

8. Promote your promotions

If you have 10,000 followers, use the ‘swipe up’ feature to redirect followers to the desired page. If not, you may add a link to the description of your IGTV video.

9. Organize giveaways and contests

An Instagram marketing strategy for restaurants should include fun stuff like giveaways and contests. Ask people to follow your page, mention their friends on your post or tag your restaurant using your hashtag. 

10. Partner with influencers

Partnering up with an influencer is how marketing professionals up their Instagram marketing strategy for restaurants game. Instagram food influencers help you promote your dishes and gain more followers. 

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11. Celebrate millstones

Post a ‘throwback’ video or image of the early days of your restaurant or celebrate the employee of the month by publishing their photo. This indirect tactic of Instagram marketing for restaurants helps build rapport with customers. 

12. Publish at the right time 

Post timing is a critical point in any Instagram marketing strategy for restaurants.  As a restaurant, the best time to post is when people are hungry. That’s in the morning at 9 am and between 1 pm and 8 pm when people are looking for breakfast/brunch and dinner options.