Taker and Ita’am Launch a New #Ramadan 2021 Campaign “Ateamahum”

Welcoming the advent of the Holy month of Ramadan, Taker is pleased to announce joining forces with Ita’am Organization to feed the needy in a new Ramdan 2021 charity campaign.

The philanthropic campaign kicks off on Tuesday, Ramadan 1, 1442 AH by providing easy donation opportunities through the websites and applications of Taker’s partner restaurants in the Kingdom and by enabling their customers to donate directly to the campaign.

Out of the belief in taking part in social solidarity and as part of its contribution to society, Taker announces the launch of its strategic partnership with Ita’am Organization in Ramadan 2021 to feed those most in need. This comes in line with Allah Almighty’s verse in the Holy Qur’an “Help one another in righteousness and piety”, as Taker facilitates the donation process by allowing direct donations through its partners’ websites and applications.

Taker invites its partner restaurants to participate in the Ramadan 2021 campaign by offering donation options within their own websites and applications so that their customers can make direct donations to the campaign, reach larger numbers of donors, and share good deeds and cooperate with all social segments.

How It Works

Taker provides electronic donation options to the customers of its various partner restaurants to make a donation easier, smoother, and only at a click of a button. A special category option for the campaign will be featured throughout the websites and applications of Taker’s partner restaurants under the name Ateamahum which allows for an e-payment option only.

Restaurants are required to add two menu options with several meals to be donated via the campaign.  Then they will promote Ateamahum campaign through social media accounts, website, and newsletter to attract the largest possible number of donors.

In addition, Taker provides the necessary marketing materials and designs for the campaign for easy use on your website and application. The donated meals will be collected from all the branches of the participant restaurants on a weekly basis and distributed via Ita’am.