Taker Acquires Brisk Delivery to Strengthen TakerGo Capabilities

Taker announces the official acquisition of Brisk delivery, stating that the company has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taker preserving its brand. This comes as a step to further improve, expand and strengthen TakerGo; an innovative delivery solution that connects restaurants to leading delivery services providers. The thing that enables restaurants of all sizes, with and without delivery fleets to provide and increase the efficiency of their delivery services.

Recognizing the value of providing sustainable solutions to empower the digital transformation for restaurants, Taker formalized incorporating Brisk assets and services into TakerGo service. Furthermore, this acquisition comes as a result of the rapidly growing demand on TakerGo services, having achieved exceptional results for many restaurants allowing them to increase their delivery volumes and expand into new geographic markets.

Moving forward, Taker stated that the key driver for the acquisition of Brisk was escalating the range of services and features offered by TakerGo in order to improve the service to cater to all restaurant needs. As the two companies share a commitment to their clients and an urgency to deliver value and enable sustainable growth, Taker guarantees better and more advanced services and support to their clients.

TakerGo was launched in 2020 to solve one of the hardest, make-or-break logistical challenges that face restaurants which is; providing reliable delivery services to their customers. Hence, empowering restaurants to cope with the rapid changes in the food delivery sector. According to Statista’s online food delivery report, by 2023 the global online food delivery sector is expected to grow to reach 154.34 billion U.S. dollars. On The other hand, the online food ordering rates have increased in KSA to reach 4.5 billion SAR, with an average of 1M meals being delivered on a daily basis.

TakerGo has proven its feasibility in helping restaurants to achieve tangible business value by giving them full control over delivery services. Restaurants can choose from several trusted delivery service providers and choose the delivery fees with 0% commissions. They can choose between outsourced, in-house or hybrid logistics and accept high order volumes at rush hours without worrying about the quality of the food delivery service.

About Taker

Taker, is an online ordering management platform pioneering the future of the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Established in 2019, Taker offers the most advanced and powerful technology, allowing F&B businesses of any size to have their online website, mobile app, and ordering system and effortlessly manage the entire process in one single place.


About Brisk

Brisk is a logistics software that provides delivery services based on predicting growth rates of many sectors including the F&B industry. Established in 2019, Brisk offers many essential features; assisting in optimizing food delivery services for restaurants including; a comprehensive control panel that provides, real-time order tracking & management, in addition to, advanced analytics and reporting system. As well as, integration with various online ordering systems and other valuable services such as E-wallet for restaurants.