Restaurant Advertising

Free Restaurant Advertising Ideas

Restaurant advertising is essential to achieve and maintain profitability. However, not all restaurants have the same high budget to spend on advertising. Therefore, they should come up with free and cheap ways to get the brand out and spread the word. Here we have a few ideas for restaurant advertising.

Use Social Media

People today are connected more than even on social media. So presenting the restaurants on those networks professionally can have a big, positive and long-lasting impact.

Make sure you post professional photos of your meals that make people hungry. Also, try making short videos of your kitchen to give it the living experience and post cooking tips and have fans share them. On top of that, show staff members in the pictures you post to always remind people that they are working hard for them.

As it is called social media, get engaged with followers and respond to their questions and queries. Also, interact with complaints and feedback and try to compensate the unhappy customers. This builds a strong relationship with your current and potential customers as it’s free for your restaurant advertising.

Give Away Samples

People bypassing or living around are an easy target that can be turned into customers. So pick a sample of your menu that you think people will love the most and offer it for free. The sample should be a small piece because this way people will mostly taste it delicious.

After a while, you’ll notice that you’ve introduced your restaurant to the community around you.

Send Out Offers

If your restaurant has been in operation for a while, it’s won’t be too hard to know which days are busy and which are not. So in the calm days, you should try to get things going by sending out offers and discounts to people. There are multiple channels through which restaurant advertising can be done to reach people and some are more effective than others. Offers can be sent as SMS, email or an app notification if you’re using Taker as an online ordering system. So in this way you can keep your sales up at busy and unbusy times.

Contribute in Charity Events

People always appreciate good work. So your restaurant should try to find ways for charitable contributions in the local community. This will create some buzz and bring a lot of attention to your restaurant.

Try helping the poor within the community, partner up with local food banks and sponsor charitable events. That will get your restaurant noticed in your local community which will help increase sales.

Restaurant Advertising via Contests

The good thing about running contests is that it really goes so viral. Since people are connected on social media, try publicizing your restaurant’s contest on them so it can reach the maximum number of them. You may target your walk-in customers to share the meal photo (with your brand) and mention the restaurant’s account with a selected hash tag. This really helps get one of the most important marketing ways, word of mouth.

Of course, you can go further and involve some influentials to really make it go more viral but that depends on how big the contest is.

Host a Famous Chief

Hosting a chief who is well known can become the talk of the week. Before hosting him, advertise it, publish the hosting date and put a booking system in place so comers should book. The booking system helps you organize and control customers as well as it shows that it is an event that can’t be missed. People will love that and will share their experience around your brand will really stand out.

Last, those restaurant advertising ideas can cost almost nothing. However, if conducted consistently, you will easily notice the impact that it’ll have on your restaurant. Make sure you pick up the ideas that are suitable for your and your capabilities but keep on doing it.

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