Online Ordering System

Should Restaurants have Online Ordering System?

Today, food lovers have become attracted not only to good food, but also to a good food ordering experience. In the past, the expectations of customers were mainly good physical experience and decorations. This is because it was mostly dine in. Today, the whole game has changed due to the advent of advanced technologies. Due to that, customers expect a good digital experience, easy ordering and an excellent and unique service. That is why having an online ordering system has become as crucial as serving a delicious food for restaurants. Here is the top reasons why restaurants should have it.


Unlimited Growth

If you’re selling online, you’re not limited to how many orders your call center’s agents can take and walk-in customers you have everyday. Your potential is unlimited because you can receive as many orders as you can handle. Simply calculated, if you digitally target only your neighborhood, you find yourself reaching thousands of people instead of a couple of dozens calling or walking in.

Worldwide, Online food ordering revenue is growing by %17.1 year over year and expected to be $137 billion industry by 2023. That is definitely happening because today’s generation is moving towards high tech restaurants that provide easy online ordering system and excellent experience.


Branding Necessity

It is a fact that there is 3.5 billion google search per day which means today’s people’s first brand investigation is online search. The question is, what do they find when they search your restaurant’s name? Chances are either they find you, or someone else talking about you in reviews or so or your competitor targeting google search with your name. So if you don’t have a good digital presence crafted according to your branding guidelines, then this will have a big negative impact.


Customers under Control

Once you acquire a customer, hola, you got his data forever. This is important for your restaurant to analyze them and their behaviors interacting with your online ordering system (website and app). The primary goal of this analysis is to increase retention and revenue through applying some digital marketing techniques. Believe it or not, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70% whereas the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

Things you can know about your customers are countless. You can know how frequently they order from you, who are the biggest customers, who hasn’t ordered for a while …etc. Those insights offer a great help to understand your customers in order to apply the marketing techniques to increase your revenue.


Keep your Commissions

No doubt, every restaurant has its loyal customers and lovers who order more regularly. So if you don’t simplify the ordering process for them to directly order from you, then they’ll go to the food aggregators who’ll charge high commissions. Therefore, it’s a very strategic step for restaurants to have their own online ordering system to keep their own margins from flying out of the window.


Online Ordering System with Taker

To stay ahead in your highly competitive business, you must have your own branded online ordering system that includes a website and an app, contact Taker now.