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How to Start Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Influencer marketing has been around for some time, but in the last decade, and with social media reaching wider demographics than ever, it has become a necessary marketing tool for businesses; restaurants are no exception. 

As studies have shown, online and offline popularity is greatly increased by influencer marketing for restaurants to an average of 700% profit. If food influencer marketing hasn’t been on your plan, maybe you should jump on the bandwagon and consider an Instagram or TikTok influencer marketing campaign.

Below we show you why influencer marketing for restaurants is key to increasing sales and how to do it properly. 

Influencer marketing for restaurants: Why it is a game-changer

Let’s start by explaining what a food influencer is. A food influencer is an ordinary person who has gained genuine followers for what they’re good at – in this case, food. A food influencer may not be your typical movie or music celebrity, but they are celebrities in their own domain. Their opinions are trusted and respected by their fans. Through their blogs, vlogs, and reviews, they influence fans. Consequently, influencer marketing for restaurants has become a major part of their published content. 

Influencer marketing for restaurants: How to win the game

As food and beverage influencers play a major role in shaping the audience’s perceptions, the competition – when it comes to influencer marketing for restaurants – keeps intensely increasing. 

Here are four ways that shall help you win the influencer marketing game.

1. Choose the right influencer 

Whether it is TikTok or Instagram influencer marketing for restaurants, choosing an influencer who is aware of the cultural preferences of your target consumer should be a top priority. Start by identifying your brand voice and marketing goals, then take your time to search for the perfect food influencer match for your restaurant. Your food influencer should be assessed in terms of specialty, followers, style, and personality. 

2. Know your customers

Influencer marketing for restaurants is all about knowing the who and where of your customers. Before you set an Instagram influencer marketing for restaurants strategy, first make sure you can reach your target demographics on Instagram. Learn what social media platforms your customers use, and the type of content that keeps them engaged. For instance, a Snapchat or TikTok influencer marketing campaign may be more appealing to younger food enthusiasts. 

3. Create an Instagram Business Account

Instagram influencer marketing for restaurants has proved to be of prime importance. The platform works great with both communication and visual content, and it is the perfect medium for sharing mouth-watering photos of your dishes!

Set up an Instagram business account and hunt for a skillful Instagram food influencer to promote your brand.

4. Generate authentic content

Investing in a partnership with your influencers helps post quality content that is relevant to your foodservice and customers. If you have the budget for a sponsored Instagram influencer marketing for restaurants campaign, go for it. Also, a TikTok influencer marketing campaign is worth consideration, though it requires the sort of edgy, out-of-the-box ideas.

But first, make sure your influencer isn’t a fraud! Many influencers have bogus followers, so you’ll need to make sure you collaborate with a ‘true’ influencer. A true influencer constantly looks for the best restaurants out there. And there are always social media campaign metrics to refer to and see how far your marketing message has reached whether it’s a TikTok influencer marketing campaign or a campaign on Instagram.