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5 YouTube Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Restaurant

Share Your Recipes

Each chef has his/her own unique recipes that they guard with their lives. However, many restaurants share the same recipes for certain dishes and add little twists to make it their own. Sharing some of your recipes with the world will create a string bond with your brand. Your clients and targeted audience will be interested in replicating the recipe then try it at your restaurant to make sure that they are doing it right.

YouTube gives you an opportunity to create and share videos of your famous recipes. This will put you on the map give you exposure to foodies searching for creative dishes. This will also help you interact with your potential clients by answering their questions and giving them expert advice.

Show Off Your Kitchen

Invite your diners to your kitchen via aesthetic videos explaining how the food is prepared. By showing the art and craft happening in your kitchen you will connect with your client via trust and transparency. Your videos will also appeal to food lovers who will be able to see the passion and effort put in each dish you serve.

You could also use simple production and video editing techniques to give your videos an extra aesthetic edge. With the right tools you will be able to turn a simple food preparation video into an exceptional cooking experience and use YouTube to spread it to the world. 

Teach Cooking Skills

Create videos containing tips and tricks about cooking and share your knowledge and technique in the kitchen. Teaching home cooks how to prepare and present food properly gives you a great opportunity to increase your reach and build your brand’s authority.

Your videos will also add value to your audience and may even go viral among food enthusiasts.  Sharing your experience allows you to build a loyal community for your brand and restaurant and build a special connection with your audience.

Uncover Your Supply Chain

Creating a video about your supply chain provides transparency to your customers as they would know what they are eating and where it came from. The internet has made information accessible to millions of people around the world; as a result, many diners, nowadays; prefer to trace the origin of the food they are served at restaurants.

Famous brands around the world have adopted this as part of their advertising strategy. For example; McDonald’s has collaborated with Grant Imahara to show the viewers the factories that Chicken McNuggets allowing to see how they are made.

Broadcast Tasting Contests

Introduce your new dishes to your clients and broadcast a tasting contest to add the winning dish to the menu. YouTube’s Live feature is a great way to stream your content and allow your viewers to interact directly with you and vote or comment while watching the video.