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Online Ordering System: 7 Tips on How to Choose One for Your Restaurant

After you decide to take the opportunity of restaurant technology, the next challenge you need to sort out is choosing an online ordering system for your restaurant. It’s not easy to choose one, since there are many service providers offering this system in the market today. Therefore, you need to have a set of criteria or lists in order to be guided and eventually be able to choose the best among the rest.

In this post, we will provide you 7 tips in choosing your online ordering system for your restaurant.

1.  Be Budget-conscious

Finding your online ordering system need not cost a fortune or a big chunk of your capital. Consider the cost of your online ordering system before engaging the service of the provider is important and our number one tip for you. Check if the cost of purchasing and maintaining it will outweigh the promised benefits to your restaurant.

The general rule is that your online ordering system should give you the benefits you want for your restaurant at a minimum cost. Don’t get an online ordering system that will cost you much but is not able to give your targeted benefits. This is not a practical and good business decision. Your restaurant technology cost should meet your business goals.

Free versus subscription paid online ordering system

There are many free online ordering systems that are being offered today. You might be tempted to take one for your restaurant. Who would not want to avail of a free system, right? However, these free online ordering systems might not guarantee to be responsive to your needs. Your provider might not be readily available to respond whenever you’ll experience some technical problems while using it. Some of these systems offer added services for a fee say for example integration of payment mode of cash or by credit card every time you receive orders.

This is very different from a subscription paid online ordering system because for a fixed monthly fee with a contract you’ll get the same benefits with an assurance of customer service helping you out when you encounter technical problems. You might be charged for a minimal fee if you opt to add more features like a loyalty program in your system. Another advantage of a subscription paid online ordering system is that your provider will continue to develop its features and make it updated to current restaurant technology. This is something a free online ordering system cannot give you.

An example of these systems is Taker which offers many features that you need in your restaurant for a monthly subscription fee. For other types of online ordering systems available today you can read this post.

2.  Consider device compatibility

When you’re searching for an online ordering system, consider the device compatibility so you would know how to use it as part of your restaurant technology marketing. Your system is considered a food delivery app by your customers so it must be compatible with common and widely-used devices. Here is another tip you need to conduct a test first on your system in all types of devices from a website-based app to a mobile app. It should be functional and with the same user interface in all apps.

Your chosen provider must create a restaurant app like your online ordering system well in all devices and conditions. Once you notice that your system does not work well in some devices, it is best not to continue your subscription. It pays to be vigilant when it comes to adapting to restaurant technology.

3.  Be mindful of user integration

Your online ordering system should be integrated with your other restaurant technology. It should be in sync with your existing restaurant app and restaurant technology. Your point of sales or POS should be able to be integrated into your online ordering system. 

The following are important things to consider in terms of user integration:

  • Full user integration

Your system should integrate with your existing restaurant technology at a 100% rate. Here’s another tip on full user integration there should be no downtime and technical errors during the testing period and actual operation of your system.

  •  It should equal or beat the existing food delivery app in your area

One of the reasons you want to have your own system is to increase your delivery sales so it must equal or beat the existing food delivery app in your area. Your customers should find your system easy to use and navigate like their food delivery app. (more on this when we go to our tip number 7).

  • Positive user experience and engagement

Your system should let your customers feel important and engaged them well in your brand. It should promote a positive user experience like responsive customer service or customer rewards for their loyalty to you.

4.  Have outstanding delivery features

Another important tip to consider is having a useful and beneficial delivery features that your online ordering system can offer to customers. You can choose a provider that will contain all these features in their system:

  • Location navigation

This may seem an obvious tip but you should check this out with your provider. Your system should have this delivery feature in order to point the exact location of your received inquiries and orders. This is to be sure to deliver your customer’s orders on time without delays. Delays can happen if you’re online ordering system fails to detect your customer’s exact location.

  •  Menu display and updating

You should be able to put your menu in your system and be able to update it anytime without any hassles on your part. This is the essence of having an online ordering system for restaurants.

  • Payment mode

It should offer all possible payment modes in your area so that your customers will be able to pay conveniently without the need of spending significant time figuring how they can pay you.

  • Order tracking

Like all good food delivery apps, your online ordering system should have an order tracking feature. This is to help your customers to expect the exact time of the delivery of their orders. It will help them greatly when they are hosting a celebration at their home with their guests.

5.  Data collection is crucial to any online ordering system

Your system should provide a way in which you’re able to collect customer data for your use in your business. This restaurant technology should provide for the analytics of your customer’s data. Being able to extract data will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in your operations. Our tip for you is that some of the important customer’s data you’ll need to have are the following:

  • Demographics

This data includes age, race/ethnicity, gender, education, and profession among others.

  • Customer transaction

Your customer transaction data will help you gauge the buying behavior of your customers so that you can create a program on them.

  •  Advanced analytics

It should provide you analytics on the data you collected from your customers for your decision-making.

6.  Marketing extension is a must-have

When you subscribe to an online ordering system choose the one that is able to articulate your brand, it should speak about and promote your brand well. The ability to serve as your marketing extension is an added value for you.  Promotions and loyalty programs to reward your customers should be available.  It should not look generic but unique and is custom-built for your brand and restaurant technology.

7.  A user-friendly ordering system is key

Your system should be user-friendly both for you and your customers. Its features should be easily used and provide a great experience. Avoid an online ordering system that is not easy to navigate and hard to understand. Remember that if you’re not able to fully understand your system much more of your customers. Aim to the goal of being able to understand and use well your online ordering system. 

You and your customers should enjoy and have fun using your online ordering system. The feeling of being served comfortably and optimum convenience should be you and your customer’s experience with your system. Otherwise, leave your provider and find the one that deserves you and your customer’s time.

Final Tip: Your online ordering system should be aesthetic and functional

Any restaurant technology whether it is a website, an app and an online ordering system should show art and function. These two should be present and also appreciated by end-users. We have given you the 7 tips on choosing your own restaurant online ordering system. Enjoy your shopping for your system and have fun.  Choose only the best online ordering system for your restaurant.

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