How to Choose a POS System for Your Restaurant

Getting a new system for your restaurant can be daunting especially when you are overwhelmed by the endless options existing in the market. Deciding on the vital features for your restaurant will help you narrow down the options and ease the selection process.

When selecting a new POS there are 4 main features that you should keep in mind;

Smooth User-centric Experience

Almost all POS types available provide the same functions which are; collecting and calculating fiscal data. But each POS type differentiate from the other in the way the data is stored, accessed and personalized.

Each POS system has its own layout, user interface, and operating system. You should choose one that can be easily navigated by your employees, that way you can save time and money spent training new employees to use the system.

Moreover, you should consider investing in a POS system that includes marketing features such as loyalty programs tools. You can use the system to collect customer’s phone numbers and link them to their accounts then reward them for their frequent visits. This loyalty program will increase customer satisfaction and provide data on the preferences of your customers. 

Further, you have to make sure that your POS saves time and makes you operate efficiently. If your system is hard to navigate, this will waste your staff and customer time and will cut the time that could have been used to grow your business. Your POS system shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to navigate.

POS Mobility

An ideal POS system should allow you to record sales and inventory whenever and wherever you are. Mobile POS systems give you access to business data and information from any web browser. These Cloud-based systems allow you to get all key transaction data with a simple click of a button.

Many restaurants today provide their services in different locations and provide food catering services. You can even find a modern restaurant in the format of food trucks and pop-up restaurants. That’s why restaurant managers need to decide on the amount of mobility needed before choosing a particular POS system.

POS Reporting System

Your chosen POS system should provide elaborate and detailed sales reports that are accessible and customizable to your restaurant needs. Your sales reports should ideally include your best-selling categories and items and the cost and margin to effectively measure your ROI. In addition, those reports should track sales by time and department to optimize your operations and adjust your staff schedule.

Many POS systems provide additional features such as;

  • Inventory: Real-time inventory data
  • Payment: Payment methods used and taxes applied.
  • Customer Data: Customer order history and preferences.
  • Reservation options: Via Integration with your reservation system.

POS Security:

Even if your POS system has the best features and capabilities; all this means nothing if your customers’ payment information isn’t secure. In order to get a POS with proper security features, you have first to check all the industry regulations and standards concerning security. If your POS doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications for payment security, it will be rendered useless by your customers.

To determine if your selected POS is secure check the following features;

  • Encryption and tokenization
  • EMV Technology
  • Breach protection
  • Anti-fraud services

Choosing the right restaurant POS can either be an advantage or a liability to your business, so make sure to take your time and choose a system that best suits your business needs.